A Chat with the one and only TYDI


Hi Mate ,
Well thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us today  so let’s set the mood as they say

Current Location:…Kiev, Ukraine

Current Setting...
In the back of a limo heading from the airport to my hotel, tonight I’m playing at Armin’s ASOT550 party.

And How are you feeling…?
Excited and ready for adventure!

So for people not familiar with yourself how would you intro and pitch yourself in a few short sentences (always the hardest part shameless self-promotion drop some track names etc)….?

I’m a 24 year old musician from Australia, I travel the world playing and writing electronic dance music. I’m a music addict, I have a degree in music, I play drums and piano, I get a rush from playing my creations to thousands of people and I’m extremely grateful for what I have. Recently I released my second artist album ‘Shooting Stars’ which was my dream project for two years. People might know my songs ‘Never Go Back’, ‘Why Do I Care’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Talking to Myself’ and ‘Acting Crazy’.

Music is often described as an addiction would you agree with this statement …?

Absolutely, I’ve always been obsessed with music and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of writing it.

And if so what do you think is the best cure for this addiction …? 
There is none, well not for me anyway. Once I’ve played a show I look forward to the next and as soon as I’ve finished a new song I’m already thinking of what I’ll do with the next.

Being a brissy local how often do you make it home …?
Very rarely these days, I’m lucky if I get back to Brisbane for a few days each month. I live my life out of hotel rooms, but I love it!

And where is your fave place in brissy to wind down …?

Probably Lychee Lounge in West End or Hundred Acre Bar in St Lucia.

Some DJ’s have a strained or amazing relationship with their labels how would you describe yours …? and What it’s like being signed to Armada ….?
I’ve been with Armada since I was 16 and our relationship has become a friendship. I know most of the guys at the record label and we have all been working very closely over the years to build my career. Armada is a great label who want their artists to be happy and satisfied, I’ve never had a problem with them.

I personally remember promoting one of your gigs a few years ago on the Gold Coast as a small time club promoter think it was your Look Closer CD Launch …. And thinking that #1DJ in Aus is only a splash in the pond for what’s next mate …..?
I released my artist album Shooting Stars back in August 2011 and now I’m already on to the next! I’ve got 5 very strong singles ready and a new mix compilation on Armada music due out in July. As always I’ve got some extensive tours coming up that will see me visiting a lot of new and exciting places around the planet.

So here we are how you would describe the journey so far ….?
Life changing and extremely surreal.

And what is next …?
To take things as far as I possibly can, I’ve always set big goals and I believe that the best is yet to come.

So Global sound system has just reached episode #121 What’s next for GSS …?
GSS is now broadcasted on FM stations in over 30 countries and it’s growing at an insanely fast rate, I’m sure in a years time my show will be twice as big with twice as many listeners, it’s all about world domination 😉

Noticed your competition giving some of your fans the chance to get name in artwork for Global Sound System mix do you think we should give it a go for our upcoming cover …?
Sure! It’s a pretty cool thing for the hardcore fans!

You Just announced you will be playing your first Hawaii gig …. So when you looking for beach goodness what does this involve….?
Sometimes my tours are nearly fatal, show after show after show in 7 different cities a week… but Hawaii is going to be different. I’m taking 5 days off after the show so I can chill by the beach, soak up some sun and smash down cocktail. Perfect!

So from playing small aussie club gigs what’s in the Tydi rider these days…? 
Haha it’s not too ridiculous, a hotel with a lap pool, bottle of champagne and a bottle of vodka.

Finally what has the rest of 2012 got in store for you mate…? 
Have a look at my tour schedule at http://www.tydi.com I’m touring all over the world. I’ll also be releasing some new songs, a collaboration with BT, new music videos and a remix album.