A Chat with Ultimate Look winner Gina ahead of QT Fashion Week and Awards

A Chat with Ultimate Look winner Gina ahead of QT Fashion Week and Awards

Today we chat with Gina who won the 2012 Katz management Ultimate Look competition and as a part of her prize package was a spot as one of the models for QT Fashion Week and Awards so we sat down to have a chat ahead of the event’s kick-off tomorrow .

What does modelling during QT Fashion week mean to you?

Modelling in QT Fashion week means a lot because it gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful designers and other successful people within the fashion industry. Fashion is something I would like to pursue as a future career option so this will be an amazing opportunity. Not only this but walking in the show is something I have always wanted to do, so finally getting the chance is extremely exciting.

With over 100 girls who casted for the QT Fashion Week and Awards, how did it feel knowing you were guaranteed a spot to walk in the shows after winning the Katz Management Ultimate Look last year?
It defiantly took away the stress and nerves from having to go to a casting, as I knew I had already secured a spot. I felt extremely lucky and so excited. It is a wonderful opportunity and is going to be an amazing experience. The whole thing just reminds me of how happy I was to win the Ultimate Look.

What has gone into your preparation …?
In preparation for fashion week I understand that looking healthy is highly important, so with that in mind I have continued with my triathlon training and trying to eat as healthy as possible. I have done a few parades through Katz Management, which has definitely helped with my confidence and kept my walk up to scratch.

What have you learnt from you modelling journey so far that you think will be useful to you during the week?
Like I said before, I have walked in a few parades, which have really helped with my confidence and is always a handy way to practice my walk. I have also learnt that modelling is a great way to meet new people and make some wonderful friends. So I am really looking forward to meeting all the lovely girls who will be walking and to have a fun week with them.

Do you have any little tips or tricks you have picked up from modelling so far that you would like to pass on?
I would definitely recommend the tip I picked up from you about having a little giggle when you walk, to always keep your smile as natural as possible. I also, try not to be nervous. Everyone is there to have a great time, so just enjoy what you’re doing and be confident because it will show on the catwalk.

What will be in your model bag for the week?
Organisation is so important when modelling long hours for a whole week, so I will definitely make sure my model bag is well stocked! I will have all my necessary shoes in the right colours as well as my makeup just in case. Some healthy snacks are a must, people might not be aware but walking on the catwalk makes you hungry and to have the most energy possible, some nutritious food and a bottle of water is vital. To fill in some waiting time I will pack a few magazines and maybe even some assignment work, to keep up to date.

 There was a lot of hype in the media after MBFF in Sydney about the models being too skinny, what is your opinion on this?
Being a triathlete, I have always been a big believer in girls looking fit as apposed to being skinny. So in saying this I believe that this should be highly encouraged within the modelling industry, so models will begin to concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle as  to reducing their food intake. This is an age-old problem within the modelling industry but I believe through encouraging and employing a healthy look, it could become the next trend.

Do you have any advice for girls wanting to get into the modelling industry?
I think I have been incredibly lucky by the way in which I entered the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I worked hard for it and had many successes and failures. But I would recommend, if you want to do it, there is no harm in giving it a try and working hard towards it. Something like Katz Ultimate Look, or something of a similar nature, is an amazing opportunity and I would highly recommend it.

We wish you the best of luck and we look forward to seeing you on the runway this week


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