A Wrap of Hair Expo Australia

A Wrap of Hair Expo Australia

The June long weekend always means curls and couture when Hair Expo Australia rocks Sydney. The annual event gathers hair stylists and fashionistas from all over the Southern Hemisphere for the opportunity to experience the hottest new looks, and show stopping live performances. With the endorsement of the biggest names in the business, including Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal and Redken, Hair Expo is one of the World’s premier Industry trade events.

This year, some 200 suppliers showcased the latest in creative cuts and colours over three days, at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. The highlight being the visually opulent Expo Gala shows. These catwalk productions are pure spectacle – incorporating dance, pyro-technics and lavish theatrical themes to display the latest in trends and talent.

The Generation Next Gala proved to be the hot ticket. International artist George Garcia was flown in by Redken to demonstrate how underground sub-cultures have impacted fashion, which has in turn affected the latest hairstyles. Opening his platform show with the punk trend, George commented that “This culture is probably one of the most influential…we’re seeing a resurgence.” Polished bebop boys followed down the runway to a backdrop of iconic James Dean and Marlon Brando films. Slick goth and volumous Glam rock hair styles were next on display, while a choreographed troupe of Harajuku girls stole the show. Dancing in synchronisation to J-pop music-videos in a sea of bubbles, their hair was impressively wound in a series of braids and extensions giving the appearance of oversized pompoms or clusters of textured wool.

Another stand-out was ‘Visionaries’, presented by Sloans Creative team, which paid tribute to iconic design houses – Dior, YSL, Alexander McQueen, and Chanel.

“Through their vision, we find our essence of style. Let us be inspired by, yet not confined by, what has gone before,” the show’s creative director, Scott Sloan said.

Sponsor Schwarzkopf teamed the refined tailoring of YSL with a chic, short bob and the elegance of a Chanel tweed jacket and pearls with delicate finger waves. Former Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo created an amazing densely fringed hair-piece to compliment the McQueen brand aesthetic.

From bouffants to layered buns, coiffed mo-hawks to colour dipped curls, being fashion forward this season is all about VOLUME and ATTITUDE – the bigger the better!

Amazing Photographer by –  by Voight Photography and Design

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