Arlene Zelina is the first Australian signed to Jason Derulo’s label Future History

Arlene Zelina is the first Australian signed to Jason Derulo's label Future History

Multi-Platinum award-winning Pop sensation Jason Derulo and manager Frank
Harris are proud to present the signing of the first Australian singer-songwriter
“Arlene Zelina” to their record label “Future History”.

Arlene Zelina is an infectious young singer-songwriter poised to break into the Music Industry with a bang, not only is she Australia’s next fashion icon she comes with the complete package of looks, moves and a voice that can only be described as unique with the power and emotion that is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

With youth on her side at the age of 22, Arlene Zelina is sure to hit the world by storm and
nothing is going to stop her

During her suburban upbringing in Melbourne, Arlene fostered her innate understanding of music and performance from a very young age with singing, dancing and acting classes. However, it was always about the music.

“I have been given this opportunity that very few have. This is like one of those crossroads of life. On this occasion, I definitely think I took the right turn .”
Arlene Zelina In late 2011 Arlene Zelina caught the attention of singer Jason Derulo

“I’ve travelled the world and had the pleasure of seeing all types of artist, but upon seeing
Arlene, I was mesmerised by her talent, stage presence and vocal ability. I think she has an
incredible career ahead of her and we are thrilled that she is a part of Future History”
Jason Derulo.

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