Artist Danielle Weber paints mural honouring our wildlife and firefighters


Danielle is an Australian artist from Melbourne whose passion and love of her craft is evident through her diverse styles of work which has seen her garnering fans and clients from across the globe including some of Hollywoods A-List.

Danielle has painted Murals / Paintings of iconic Musicians, Actors, Athletes and Activists such as The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger (attending his Charity event at his house in LA last year), Queen, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela, Rafael Nadal, Ice Cube, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Connor McGregor, Gigi Hadid, Michael Jordan, Heath Ledger, John Legend, Kurt Cobain, Gal Gadot, Muhammad Ali, the late Kobe Bryant & many more.

Danielle like many of us Australians was devastated by the stories coming from the recent Bushfires across the country, she wanted to help in any way she could and settled on using her art to support those in need.

Danielle standing in front of her mural which showcases ways you can support Wildlife Victoria and the CFA

“As everyone knows Australia has and is still encountering devastating bushfires across the whole country.  Apparition Media contacted me and asked if I would like to donate my time to design and paint a mural in Melbourne’s CBD.  Apparition Media donated the wall, permits, staff and paint.

I wanted this piece to stop people in their tracks as they go about their day to day lives, perhaps reminding them of the turmoil our fellow Aussies are going through.  I also wanted people to think about our beautiful native wildlife and how we can contribute to helping the injured and protecting our precious species.  I, of course, wanted to honour our incredible Firefighters and to say: “THANK YOU” and hopefully raise some funds for the CFA.” – Danielle Weber

(This Mural is Located on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Latrobe street – near the 7 eleven)