Asahi Silver Sessions hits Brisbane


Asahi believes that people possess a secret ingredient to their success and so has launched a series of interactive events, The Asahi Silver Sessions. These events feature creative minds across various fields giving people an insight into just what their secret ingredient is.
The Brisbane session, held on the 8th May was an aspiring, intermit evening held at the Stoke House. Asahi invited Actor Gyton Grantley, photographer Toby Scott and media designer Carl Lindgren. Each speaker brought an ingredient of inspiration, sharing their journeys in a traditional Japanese form of storytelling, Kamishibai.
Guests filled the Stoke house, waterfront venue with a desire to learn the secrets to success. With champagne and Asahi flowing through the room and delectable canapés circling, guests were spoilt with an evening of abundance and inspiration.
Hayden Isaacs, group account director at Cummins & Partners explained “The Asahi Silver Sessions concept was created to capture inspiring and informative content around creative minds and unlocking their ‘secret ingredient’ to artistic and business success. We were extremely pleased with how Melbourne went, and look forwards to the unrolling of the rest of the Asahi Silver Sessions.”
Through the use of Kamishibai, Asahi managed to ignite thought and conversation whilst guests gained an appreciation for premium international beer,
The Brisbane event hosted three successful creative minds who followed a common theme, Gyton Grantley summed up the ideas of the night by saying, “you only have one life and that life should be lived with your dreams”.
Asahi have created an uplifting and successful creative platform enjoyed by all and encouraging us all to look for and chase our dreams.