She’s the fitness enthusiast that’s keeping Aussie women fit and full of life with health guides and inspirational growth as a female entrepreneur, now Ashy Bines’ perpetual passion is reaching women globally with her latest venture, Ashy Bines World Booty Tour.

Already leading a huge crowd of women of all ages, gaining almost 900 thousand Instagram followers alone, she’s gotten praise for her motivational mind, body and soul, and strives to continue the chain of projects she’s got to her very famous name.

“Its seriously been incredible. When you see a number on social media of how many people follow you, it doesn’t really seem like that much,” says Ashy.

Though when I have 2500 women in a room screaming and cheering for me – WOW, it’s amazing and I never expected them to be this excited to see me, but I love every moment and all of them.”

Still very new to motherhood after giving birth to her son Taj, who’s soon to celebrate his first birthday, Ashy says taking care of her business and family has been tough, but beautiful in aspects all round.

“It’s been overwhelming, challenging, yet so beautiful. My business team have been super supportive! It was an adjustment for me not being able to do a lot for the first few months, as there is only one of me and no one can step in and be Ashy Bines. I didn’t really get ‘time off’ after having Taj, but they have all been so helpful,” she says.

“I had a Mum say to me the other day that her year off work is nearly over and she just wants more time with her baby. I said ‘Wow, you got a year off?’. I think I got a week, but I love everything I do, so I have no complaints here and I love being balanced.”

She’s a prime example of making it in the vastly competitive business world of health and fitness, but it’s not just her productive body challenges that makes Ashy Bines so inspirational to many, but her relationship with her female followers.

“I always wanted to make a difference. Not just create amazing bikini bodies, it’s always been more than that for me. I want girls to feel amazing, be happy and live long healthy lives, whilst enjoying the whole journey of a balanced lifestyle,” says Ashy.

“It started with my passion for being active and my passion of wanting to help girls smile, and I believe it starts with the energy to move. Moving your body and creating some energy, especially if it’s negative energy, we then can think more clearly and start attacking what else might be going on in our lives.”

And making girls smile is definitely an achievement she has under her belt, as thousands of Aussie women hashtag her brand, business and name into the plentiful fitness posts, inspired by her life and personal success.

“I wish there was a word that explained what it means to me. Just to know I am helping in some way is the best thing in the world. Every comment I get on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, I melt with happiness knowing I’ve made a difference to these women and their families.”

It’s previously been questioned if Ashy holds professional health and fitness qualifications, but evidently her large pool of followers supports her regardless, as she continues to produce the right type of positive energy and success stories to maintaining her business during a pressuring time of entrepreneurial success.

“There is definitely pressure surrounding all of us and if we let it get us down, that’s our choice. Focus your energy on what you are doing instead of comparing and worrying about people around you. There are so many people in the world and we don’t need to compete with anyone,” she says.”

“It’s about planning, preparation, time management and taking steps every day to make it happen. No matter what point in your life you’re at, whether you have a child or not, we all seem to be ‘busy’, but it’s up to us to decide what’s really important and where we put our time and energy.”

And it seems her strong, yet feminine mindset is powerfully trending all around the country, as many young Aussie women are building their own businesses with the public as their audience, watching courage formulate and surface from creative minds alike.

“I feel everyone is starting their own business and I feel it’s an amazing thing. Everyone is finally getting their courage to try and make their passion a career.

“Be authentic. Don’t ever put on an act trying to be someone else. Work hard, don’t expect things to happen overnight and know things will be rocky along the way. Ride the rollercoaster, enjoy the ups and learn from the downs

With her inspiring world tour setting sail for New Zealand and USA, Ashy says her self-empowerment of personal success begins and roots from self love and belief, showing that mind over matter is part of what keeps her business going.

“It comes from loving who you are as a person and believing in your own mission. No one else can make your dreams a reality. Believe in your message, even if the world tells you it’s not possible,” she says.

“You honestly just have to make it work. I always say this on Snapchat, but we all have to choose our priorities and what we want in life, and whatever we want to achieve.

“Physical strength I believe helps us in so many ways, but most importantly helps put us in a positive state of mind and that helps to create results in all areas of your life,” she adds.

Knowing her latest project will take up the rest of her year, busily shaping the bodies of women of all figures, it has her devoted followers question what’s next for the woman that’s doing it all and never failing to being a woman of influence in the eyes of her admirers.

“That you will just have to keep an eye out for. I have something really big to announce late November and its one of my biggest yet most exciting projects to date.”

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