Asta Chats Ahead of Falls

Asta Chats Ahead of Falls

This humble 19 year old with one of the most unique names we’ve ever heard of, is taking the Australian music scene by storm. We sat down with Asta, the Tasmanian songstress, to have a chat with her about her fans, the Falls Festival and the future.

So I have to ask, is Asta actually your real name?
Yes, it is.

How old are you?
I’ve just turned 19 this year.

Whereabouts in Tasmania are you from?
I’m from Hobart, but I was born in a little old town called Cygnet.

Are you proud of your heritage? coming from that area of Australia?
Definitely, I was very lucky to have grown up in such a small, unique place.

What about music made you follow the path your currently on ?
Well it’s always been there. When I was younger I started writing songs and lyrics and it’s just something that has always been there in my life. I have tried other avenues such as being a dancer or an actor, but music has definitely always been in my blood.

How would you describe your sound?
It kind of varies. At the moment I’ve got a band, so I used to be playing as more of an electronic artist, but now I’ve got a full band. They provide a much fuller sound, more rockier. It’s hard to describe. I still kind of keep that electronic element in my music though, like including synthesizes. But I guess the main stitch throughout all my songs is my voice really. All my songs are quite diverse.

Who or what has inspired you as an artist?
I would probably say growing up, Beyoncé. I think she’s everyone’s idol, she is kind of the pinnacle of female singer success. So yeah, I do look up to her a fair bit, and Madonna too, and Bjork and Annie Lennox. I guess just strong female artists really, that have their own thing going on.

How grateful are you for the support you have received from your family, friends and fans?
I’m just overwhelmed really. It surprises me every single day. Throughout my tour I’ve been going out after the shows and talking to my fans. It’s just been amazing hearing the response. That really keeps me going as an artist, as it gives me more confidence and hope. So I am very grateful for all the support so far.

Tell us about the triple j Unearthed High competition, because this was really your big break, wasn’t it?
Yes, triple j Unearthed High is a competition set up for high school students. Originally I thought I wasn’t eligible, because in Tasmania we have college for years 11 and 12. So I didn’t realise until someone else pointed out to me that I did fit the bill. I put up a track called ‘My Heart’s on Fire’. I wasn’t expecting it, but it just spread. It spread like wildfire, and a lot of people were loving the song. So then I guess triple j picked up on it and it just so happened that I won the competition. It was a real kick-start to my career.

How was the experience finding out you had won the competition ?
Well I just got a phone call. I was waiting in the morning before school, as all the other finalists were. Just the minute that the phone call came through… yeah, I will never forget it. It was a real life-changing experience, like everything is going to unfold after this moment. This past year has just been amazing.
Are you excited about playing at the Falls Festival?
Yes of course! This has been my biggest dream for a long time, so it’s definitely something that I can tick off the list. I am really excited to play on a big stage and at a festival. I have done a few festivals before, but this one is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

Especially because Marion Bay is right near your home town as well?
Yes! I will be spending New Year’s Eve in Tasmania, which will be great.

What do you hope to gain from your experience at Falls?
Meeting other artists will be really good. It’s just another challenge really. I’m looking forward to working with the audience in that environment. I’m sure everyone is going to be very pumped up, being in a festival mood. It’s just another challenge for me, which I’m really excited about.

Have you been to the Falls Festival before?
Yes I have, about 3 times, just as a punter. There is some beautiful landscape and scenery there. There is a beach there, which is amazing! You can take a walk down to the beach and just chill out.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing perform at the Falls Festival?
I’m really looking forward to seeing Neil Finn; I believe he’s playing solo, which is really cool. I’m a big Crowded House fan, so that will be great. And MGMT, I’m looking forward to seeing their live set as well, and how they come across live.

What are your plans for after the Falls Festival?
Well I hope to have been in a studio recording. I’m just working away on an album at the moment, and I’m getting into a studio soon. So I hope to be playing other festivals as well, being added to other bills. I also hope to go travelling and to just meet people, I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people.

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone chasing their dreams, whether it is in music or any other field?
You just have to do it! You can’t let anxiety and fear take over, because you put so much effort into it. Like with me, it’s rehearsing and travelling. You put all your money into it, so you really just have to go for it and live it up! There may be no sun shining tomorrow. That’s how I think of it, every time I step onto a stage. You really just have to be very focused, and obviously believe in yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today best of luck 🙂

That’s no problem, thank you!

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