Australian research shows majority of male violence against women is going  unreported


A new research paper showing the alarming rate of unreported events of male violence against women is being launched in the lead up to the first International White Ribbon Conference, which is to be held in Sydney, Australia.
The paper, an examination of existing statistics titled Understanding the Statistics About Male Violence Against Women, highlights that most statistics underestimate the actual extent of male violence against women.
According to the paper, less than half of women who experience domestic violence report the assault to police. 1 Additionally, only 30 per cent (18,000) of the estimated 60,000 adult sexual assaults are reported to police each year
Not only are these statistics startling in the rate of male violence against women taking place in the home, workplace and community, but also because the majority of these events go unreported to police or health and support services,” says Professor Donna Chung, author of the paper.
White Ribbon Australia, which works to prevent male violence against women through primary prevention initiatives, is launching the paper in advance of its first White Ribbon International Conference. The conference will bring together leading experts to drive change in attitudes and behavior, while the program will also include political figures, high‐profile ambassadors and the co‐founder of White Ribbon.
White Ribbon Australia CEO, Libby Davies, says the conference is timely in light of the very recent events of male violence against women that have been reported in the media.
“Recent events have once again highlighted our most shocking statistic, that at least one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner,” says Ms Davies.
“This conference will generate much needed conversation and education about how we can better prevent the range of male violence against women, starting with addressing the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate it.”
Co‐founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, Dr Michael Kaufman, will visit Sydney to present as a keynote speaker alongside other respected local and international academics, including Dr Jackson Katz, one of America’s leading anti‐sexist male activists.
“Since day one, our mission has been to encourage men to spread the message that we all have a responsibility to work together to end violence against women,” says Dr Kaufman.
“I’m thrilled to see this landmark conference as another positive vehicle to bring about change, both locally and globally.”
The theme of the conference, Global to Local: Preventing Men’s Violence against Women – Research, Policy and Practice in One Space, will focus on male violence against women as an issue that results in devastating costs to individuals, the community and the nation.
The conference also coincides with this year being White Ribbon Australia’s 10 th anniversary. It will take place from 13 th ‐15 th May and White Ribbon Australia is inviting the public to become a part of this landmark dialogue between primary and tertiary prevention.
Registration for the conference is open until 9 2013. For more information on the conference and its program, or to buy tickets, visit: