Beauty with a Purpose


As a Miss World Australia finalist, dancer, avid soccer player, yogi and model, Dani Fitch is the very illustration of what it means to be a game changer. Despite her hectic schedule and ever-expanding list of achievements, Dani is currently working alongside Variety as part of the Miss World Beauty with a Purpose project.

Established in 1975, Variety have raised over $180 million to support and empower children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Dani will be continuing their work to provide for Australian children and their families as the host of Variety the Children’s Charity Gala Dinner next Saturday.

Having already raised a massive $8,500 for the charity, we caught up with Dani in the lead-up to the gala for an insight into her passion for advocacy and her connection to Variety.

On the Beauty with a Purpose project…

Each country crowns one girl who then goes on to work on a national project which addresses a local area of need through fundraising, humanitarian work and advocacy. Each country’s representative then presents the funds and awareness raised by their project at the international stage via a pre-recorded media presentation. This project is the very core of Miss World and is very unique to this particular pageant system.

Why did you choose to fundraise for Variety Australia?

I chose my Beauty with Purpose project based on my passion for freedom of movement. I am an avid soccer player, dancer and yogi. I think there is no better way to improve and promote a healthy self-esteem than being a part of a team, engaging in regular physical activity and using your body as you see fit. These kids I am raising money for are bound to wheelchairs and depend on their parents and carers to move them. Some don’t have the ability to walk from one side of the room to the other without their customised walker provided by Variety which can cost thousands of dollars. With each step, their confidence grows and so too does their healthy self-esteem. 

A huge goal of Variety is to work on improving the self-esteem of kids around Australia while providing for them – did this goal resonate with you when you were choosing your Beauty with a Purpose project?

I have been involved in children’s welfare charities for a few years now. It originally started with Destiny Rescue, a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Asia. As a passionate supporter of the universal declaration of human rights, I stand up for the deepest violations of basic human rights. I particularly stand for those that are the most vulnerable; children, the elderly and the unwell. Variety was a natural choice for me for my local Beauty with a Purpose project because it stands to empower and liberate disadvantaged and unwell children with the freedom of movement and a full life. A basic liberty many take for granted but also a liberty many are not granted too.

If you could give any advice to young people struggling with self-esteem, or struggling to embrace their inner beauty – what would you tell them?

You are your own brand of beautiful.

Get Involved with a worthy cause

Variety the Children’s Charity Gala dinner will be held at the 5-star Pullman Sydney Hyde Park on Saturday, 15 August at 6.30pm. Food, drink and entertainment included in the ticket price.

To book your tickets to Variety the Children’s Charity Gala Dinner and support an incredible cause, visit