Behind the scenes with Begitta & The Miss Universe Australia QLD Finalists

Begitta takes us to a Luxe High Tea

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous fashion designer Begitta who with the Miss Universe Australia QLD Finalists is going to have you skip the remainder of winter and join us in Spring.

With the weather cooling the colour fading and winter taking over it can have us all feeling a little grey.

Your in for a fun shoot which is full of Florals, Delicious Sweets, Fun in the Sun and of course amazing gowns so join us for Tea … Luxe High Tea that is, and of course a Chat with the famed designer.

So you’re lucky enough to take a look at these fabulous gowns inside the pages just after they were showcased to the world at the Miss Universe Australia National Final a little over a week ago…

What was your inspiration for these beautiful creations?

All of the gorgeous pieces come from various collections we have created. Each gown featured signature Begitta elements. Feminine, fun and flirty, with inspiration ranging from the heavens to Gardens and beautiful flowers

So you’ve chosen to take us to a Luxe Tea party this year… how does this tie in with your collection?

The Begitta brand is ever the lover of luxe soirees, blooms and delicious treats. Combining them all for such a fun shoot was the perfect way to present this gorgeous array of gowns and the beautiful girls wearing them.

Every year you take us on a creative journey of fashion, fun and wonder what are your feelings on this years shoot and the fantastic team?  

It’s been such a fun process to gather the inspiration for our shoot each year as Official Miss Universe Sponsor for our QLD girls. The team we brought together produced such a magical feel and vibe on the day. Behind the scenes, we were all buzzing from the beautiful props, blooms and treats (sugar!). The team truly blew my mind with their amazing creative efforts, and the girls just looked divine.

Having the stunning Miss Universe Australia Qld Finalists model your creations how does it feel?  

 Each of the girls is so beautiful. Each has their individuality and fashion aesthetic, so we work to cater to that with a “Begitta-Twist”. From sequins (a firm fav of the Miss Universe stage) to floating silks that create high-drama moments, it’s always an absolute pleasure working with Miss Universe and the QLD Finalists. 

Speaking of Miss Universe Australia last year you got to design the national costume for Olivia Rogers to wear at the international final in Las Vegas, 

How was the overall process and the stress levels because we know there’s always a lot of media scrutiny and of course social media opinions… when creating something like this? 

It was absolutely mind-blowing. The piece was Opera House inspired, and the attention it gained was absolutely insane, I received salutes from some of the top fashion gurus in Australia and the pageant world and plenty of critical feedback from the average Joe which is always the way. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Going to Vegas to see Olivia wearing the piece was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am incredibly grateful for!

The dress was modelled around the Sydney Opera House, and we can’t think of a more iconic symbol but what about it made you decide to create this as our national costume? 

Sydney is my hometown, and one of my absolute favourite spots is the Harbour. Arriving into Sydney is always a thrill no matter the time of day, as the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge always look so phenomenal. In Australia, we don’t have many iconic fashion pieces or national dress, and after plenty of research, I hadn’t seen any works in the history of the Opera house being represented in a real three dimensional and beautifully structured way. I opted to create a totally out of the box “Avant Garde” piece (complete with LED lights!). It was a HUGE project to take on with many working elements in structure, weight and size. It was over 150 hours of work and the pressure intense.





Thank you to the amazing team for all of your work



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