A Behind The Scenes Chat at MBFF

In general, how has your Mercedes-Benz experience been so far? Really exciting, It is my fifth Mercedes-Benz fashion festival, always high standards when you come and do fashion week. The directors with Schwarzkopf always bring out the best styles for the looks they are going for in the Myer shows and all the other shows in fashion week. Are most of the hair stylists working this week very experienced in the industry or do you have a few newer stylists as well? We have a big all-sort of stylists, in the shows that I’ve done, there are probably only about two or three stylists who have worked together before and a lot of the others have probably only done about one or two shows and you get a very rare amount of people that have done no shows at all. So it is a great experience for those people who are wanting to get into it so you get that taste for it. On average, how many hairstyles do you have to do in a day? On a day, you average anywhere between three or four shows, Monday we did two, Sunday we did one major show and there was probably anywhere from fifteen to twenty stylists working on one show, it all depends on how many models there are. Are there any tips you could give in regards to up and coming styles or hair care? A lot of the styles your going to see coming up are a lot longer styles, a lot of loose waves, that beachy, cowgirl look is going to be around a fair bit. Again you are going to be seeing a lot of razor cutting in bobs, like the Vidal Sassoon look is going to come around again. That was around a lot at Sydney fashion week and you’ll see that a lot at hair expos. They are also trying to bring in two dimensions in the cutting, like getting your razor cut through the top layers and getting your real blunt cuts through your bob, so your getting a bit of a mixture. What has been your best experience at Mercedes-Benz so far? The most exciting part for me, this year, was getting the assistant director job, so I was pretty blown away by that. It feels good that the company has put their trust in me to help them deliver the shows that they want to.]]>


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