Behind The Scenes with Jarrad Seng

Photographer, Film Maker part-time Steve Aoki impersonator and “washed up reality tv idiot”. His work has been viewed by tens of millions worldwide, and today he’s taking us behind the scenes at Miss Universe Australia.

Even if you don’t know his name, thousands of Australians would definitely be familiar with projects he’s pioneered and worked on over his career. But considering his accomplishments, Jarrad hasn’t really been in the game for too long.

We caught up with Jarrad in between his busy schedule and just before heading out on tour with Dope Lemon, to find out a bit about his involvement with the Miss Universe Australia pageant and how he finds inspiration time and time again to create amazing and memorable shoots.


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Written by Tessa Grimes

I’m a Canberra based journalist who hates cold weather but loves good coffee!


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