The Biggest Loser: Rodger Turner 2014 Elimination #1.

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia house, 5.9 kilograms lighter.   Two weeks ago, we were introduced to 51-year-old Rodger, the loveable larrikin who weighed in at 125.6 kilograms. Rodger’s main motivation for entering The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia house was to lose weight and be around long enough to build a strong relationship with his future grandchildren.   There were some impressive weight loss figures in the first competitive weigh-in with Cameron (34) losing a whopping 15 kilograms, the highest weight loss percentage ever in the first week. Coming in close was Craig (34) with 13.4 kilograms. Unfortunately for Rodger and Mary, they were both put up for elimination after the Blue team fell below the yellow line. In the elimination room, emotions ran high as the Black team had the final power to vote either of them out of the competition. In the end, they decided to give Mary a second chance, ending Rodger’s time in The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia…..for now. Since leaving the house, Rodger has returned home to Ararat to join trainer Michelle’s secret Red team. He will get a chance to fight his way back into the competition and Michelle will be there to make sure he will be ready. Rodger is looking forward to becoming healthier. “There is a lot of life left in me yet. I cannot wait to take my dog for a proper run.” The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia continues Monday on TEN at 7.30pm. Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: #BiggestLoserAU  @BiggestLoserAU Tenplay:]]>


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