Birds of Tokyo – Good Lord

Birds Of Tokyo’s new single Good Lord reaches a whole new level today as lead singer Ian Kelly bares his soul in the new video release.

Directed by Matt Sav, it is a striking and often confronting look at a brutal true story of betrayal, the song written about an ugly marriage breakup two years ago.

Kenny says, “It’s a bloody, physical depiction of the emotional kicking/beating one can endure when going through the toughest of times. You’d be amazed what you can take and what you can walk away from.”

Director Matt Sav explains, “I love working with Kenny. He really carried this video with his performance. It only took a few small adjustments in key moments on my part to make sure the performance hit home. I think sometimes emotional wounds need to be seen and released into the world to be healed.”

‘Good Lord’ was co-written and produced by Birds guitarist and musical main man Adam Spark. Currently the #1 Australian airplay song in the country, ‘Good Lord’ is on track to deliver a massive trifecta for the band, adding to their envious record of 2 ‘Most Played’ songs on Australian radio end of year lists – ‘Plans’ in 2011 and the incredible ‘Lanterns’ in 2013.

Birds Of Tokyo sit at the pinnacle of Australian rock bands. They’ve had 11 different songs voted into the Triple J Hottest 100 over the last dozen years. They’ve won the APRA Award for “Best Rock Work” a record settling five times and received multiple ARIA Awards plus numerous gold/platinum certifications. They are also one of the country’s most popular live acts featuring on essentially every major event that matters – from the AFL Grand Final and the State Of Origin Rugby League to Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass.

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