Bleach Festival announces cancellation for 2021


With recent restrictions and lockdowns continuing across the South East, organisers have sadly been forced to cancel Bleach Festival 2021 which was set to run on August 12 to 22, with ticket holders now being contacted for refunds.

The festival’s director Rosie Dennis said the festival would be back in 2022
“While today’s announcement is devastating for our community and industry, we find ourselves operating within a challenging set of circumstances at an improbable time. The 10th BLEACH* Festival was ambitious in its vision, and ready to grapple with our complex relationship to place and identity. This kind of vision can only be realised with extraordinary artists, an extraordinary team, and extraordinary local champions by our side. Thanks to everyone – our artists and creatives, crew, suppliers, partners, sponsors and donors – who helped us get this far. Here’s to the next ten years of BLEACH*.”

This is just one of the many cancellations announced and expected in the coming days, with many awaiting a decision by the Chief Health Officer in the coming days, if we will come out of Lockdown on Sunday or what restrictions will remain.

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