On Saturday the 12th, Brisbane’s Southbank lit up with an array of  flashing lights, fluorescent face paint and 80’s inspired workout clothing. This was Australia’s introduction of the Neon Run and its way to ‘light up the night’. The Neon Run was a 5km night time run starting at 7pm with only lights and music guiding the way. There were four interactive neon zones of rock, disco, pop and house music. The zones combined lasers, black lights, strobes and DJs, creating a dance floor of runners. Crossing the finish line was not the end of the race but rather your entry into a spectacular dance party led by DJ Tydi. Runners were given electrolyte ice poles supplied by Hydralyte as they crossed the finished line to energize them for the dance floor. The event brought together a variety of people, those who don’t miss a running race and the ones you can’t keep off the dance floor. It was an event for all ages with everyone on an endorphin high and ready to dance the night away. This was a well-executed novice event, supplying music interactive armbands and signature T-shirts. The Neon run took music and dancing in order to give people a new and creative way to run and they definitely succeeded with and outstanding number of 5,000 participants. It is not over yet, continuing its creativity to Sydney in October, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast in May. With race entry at only $50 per person or $45 per person for a group of four, it will come as no surprise if this is once again a sell out event in 2014.
For more information see www.neonrun.com.au or Instagram #lightupthenight

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