BTS – The Sum of Success Feature Shoot

Let’s face it; if you don’t work in the media or even the creative industries, you’re still engaging with it every day. Ever watched videos online? TV? A movie? Taken a photo? Perhaps you read novels, walk through graffiti-lined streets, browse blogs and online website, even magazines like this one! It’s a huge industry that touches almost every other industry in some way, often through marketing and promotion.

Today we take you behind the scenes of our The Sum of Success  feature shoot with the lovely Hayley Picoto you can read the full write up in the current issue of GCMAG you can get your copy by going here

A special thank you to
Photographer: Mike Sivac
Hair & Makeup: Chelsey Brown
Styling: Kirsty Ashe
BTS Video & Photo : Nico Palacios
Model: Hayley Picoto

The team worked in various locations around the Brisbane River with now power and produced these amazing images

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