Cailea Shaw - Miss Universe Australia 2021 Finalist Interview
Photo by Jarrad Seng – @jarradseng

Cailea Shaw – Miss Universe Australia 2021 Finalist Interview


Today we are catching up with Cailea Shaw of South Australia, one of the 29 talented and inspiring women from all walks of life who are hoping to be crowned Miss Universe Australia 2021. 

So Cailea , why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

So for starters, my name is pronounced ‘Kaylee’; I am 21 years old from little old Adelaide and enjoy all simple things in life- I find they often bring the most happiness. I love being out in nature or being by the water; there’s just something about being outdoors that brings a sense of tranquillity and grounds me. 

I work full-time currently and have since the age of 17, the day after I finished high school, I was straight into full-time work, which is crazy! In saying that, I am so glad I did it as I have gained so much life experience from it.
I still don’t know what I would like to pursue as a career yet but what I do know is that I love to help people and make a positive difference in their lives, so hopefully, something down that avenue?

I was lucky enough to sneak in a little trip to Bali before the world was put into chaos, so when things do go back to normal, I would love to travel and see more of what our world has to offer!

We all have motivations, mine usually revolving around good coffee, but what was your key motivation for entering the Miss Universe Australia competition?

Self-love! Something I have been on a journey with myself for a couple of years now. I want to show women that you can come from crappy places and still achieve and do great things if you believe in yourself! 

As part of the program, you recently spent some time up in our hometown of the Gold Coast with the Village Roadshow team; what was the experience like?

The Gold Coast was amazing! I mean, who doesn’t love the sun? It did not feel like winter over there, which was a nice change from Adelaide’s weather. It was amazing to meet all of the other beautiful women and the Pink Tank Team who already felt like family through the internet; seeing everyone in the flesh rather than over a screen was awesome, and getting to know the girls was incredible. 

What would you say was the highlight of your trip?

The highlight of my trip would have been when we went to Movie World, We had VIP passes for all the rides, and I became really good friends with Cody from WA (who is hilarious, by the way). Codes and I went all on the rides and let our hair down – even went on Wild West Falls (twice), and yes, we were absolutely soaked! It was a great way to let all the nerves go and enjoy myself before my interview that day!

If you win the title of Miss Universe Australia, you will receive the prestigious Minespec Parts Education and Business grant worth $20,000; what would you do with the grant and why?

As mentioned earlier, I love to help people and make a positive difference in their lives; if I was lucky enough to be crowned Miss Universe Australia and receive the Minespec Grant, I would put the money towards creating a Wellness Hub it would showcase industry-leading; naturopaths, youth workers, dieticians, counsellors, and body empowerment experts (just to name a few). As a young woman who has often felt on the outer, struggled with mental health and her body image, as well as inclusiveness, there’s nothing more I would love to do than enrich the lives of men and women of all ages through wellness, self-awareness, and learning to love yourself by creating a safe space. 

With everyone bringing their own unique and individual flair to the competition, what is something that sets you apart from the other contestants?

I am always my complete and authentic self; a classic example of this is I fell completely over in front of Alarna  (who is on the Miss Universe Australia Selection Committee) on the day of the State Finals. I just got straight up, brushed myself off, and laughed because it is such a classic me thing to do – although, from that point, I was almost sure I was not going to get through to National Finals due to my clumsiness.

The last eighteen months certainly have been challenging for all of us; what would you say has been something you’ve gained or learned from the whole experience?

Ahh, yes, what a time it has been! Something I have learned is not to take life too seriously or for granted. We only have one life; yes, at the moment, there are many restrictions all over Australia and the world that have ultimately changed our lives.
However, I am grateful to live in Australia, especially South Australia; I am thankful for my amazing family, my friends, my partner, access to health care, being able to walk my pup. The simple things – it always comes back down to that because, at the end of the day, that is what matters ? 

What is the first thing you hope to do as soon as restrictions are lifted?

TRAVEL!! My partner’s sister lives in Sydney, and we are missing her, so reconnecting with her will be great. Also would love to go over to Bali and put some money back into their economy and see those streets full!

Final Five Questions

Favourite Place to Travel To?
Anywhere in SA – I love camping! Anywhere we can pull up a swag ?

The highlight of the last year?
Being able to do the MUA trip to the GC ?

What is something people may find interesting about yourself?
I am double-jointed! & my name is Irish for Boiled Cabbage Water (so my year 10 PE teacher told me anyway)

Tell us something you’re passionate about and why?
HELPING PEOPLE!!! I just want to make others happy and see them thrive
Also the environment – hate going for walks and seeing rubbish, pick up your rubbish people ?

One piece of advice you have for us all?
When you focus on the good, the good gets better! In other words, try to turn every negative into a positive; what can you learn from it? 

Thank you to

Minespec Parts are proud to be partnering with Miss Universe Australia, Working to empower and support women not just through the Miss Universe Australia pageant and their $20k education and business grant, but through many platforms with various activities across Australia all furthering and supporting women in the workplace.

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