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We catchup with Aussie angel Bridget Malcolm

With winter gone, the sun is out and so are our bikinis, and this summer comes a whole new style to sunbaking and swimming across our Aussie waters, as women’s beachwear brand Seafolly releases its latest collection with no other than Aussie model Bridget Malcolm.

Previously modelling for big names like magazine Harper’s Bazaar and Tigerlily swimwear, the 25 year old model is now the new face to Seafolly rocking their newest poise and popping styles and designs in their latest photo shoot set in the outback of Western Australia.

“Broome is a really special place to me. It is the last real frontier of Australia and is steeped in Aboriginal history and culture. There is an energy there that is immensely respectful and powerful,” says Bridget.

“I first went there as a young girl with my family and have always found the energy of Broome to be extremely unique. I love it there. The Aboriginal culture leaves an energy there that is quite profound. It is a part of Australia where you can feel the history quite viscerally and recently,” she adds.

While Broome is definitely one of Australia’s most historical places to explore with a lot Aboriginal roots embedded into its culture,

It’s not the only one keeping its roots vibrant with Seafolly’s freshest swimsuits bringing back its original sense of style.

“This collection of Seafolly has really gone back to its core as a brand – the incorporation of different patterned color blocks and fabric is a callback to their roots. Plus, the incorporation of fitness wear this year is completely new and very cute and wearable,” she says.

“Their swimsuits are reflective of Australian culture and lifestyle through their cuts and designs, and they stay on in rough waves!”

Being the next representative of one of the nation’s most successful beachwear brands, Bridget walks where previous successful Aussie models have gone, such as Miranda Kerr, but is confidently making this opportunity an experience of her own.

“It is fantastic to be the latest of a long line of beautiful Australian models as the face. I grew up looking at Miranda Kerr for Seafolly and I never thought I would get to follow in her footsteps.

“We were in talks for about a year, working with Seafolly, but I finally found out just after Mecedes Benz fashion week in April. It has been a dream of mine to shoot for Seafolly.

“To me they are the most iconic Australian swim brand and as an Aussie girl, born and bred, I grew up loving their work. Seafolly was my first bikini, so this was a dream come true!”

Oddly enough modelling wasn’t her first career choice, but it’s been very compatible work for Bridget with previous experiences including the famous Victoria Secret annual runway, a milestone in such a challenging industry, especially for female Australian models.

As for Victoria Secret and Seafolly appearing to be quite a different take to each other yet both part of her career path, Bridget feels both diverse clothing lines share a similar product aspect with one another, as well as other qualities.

“I find the two to be both similar and different – Victoria’s Secret doesn’t do swimwear and Seafolly doesn’t do lingerie. Seafolly is all about the Aussie beach babe, the girl next door and Victoria’s Secret has aspects of that in their product and marketing, but also have a much more mature, sexy approach.”

Her interest in modelling for different fashion fields is evident if you look into her compilations of work, but seeing that she never saw herself being a model, Bridget says the unexpected worked in her favour with pursuing her profession.

“I think it is unattachment. I never wanted this, never dreamed of it and so I find myself not emotionally attached to the outcome, which has been very helpful at times. I would say that a big motivation for me would be to use this fame to branch out into something that could help other people.

“I think to be highly successful in Australia you need to leave and make a name for yourself in the USA. It is very hard to leave, the lifestyle is so different, but the girls who I see make a name for themselves are the girls who stuck it out and worked hard away from their comforts.

“Everything I have done in my life has led me to this moment in time and it is a pretty sweet moment I would say. I just continue to enjoy the travel, meeting new people and making friends. Plus, I get to come home a bit! Always for Christmas.”

And, though living in New York with her husband and away from Aussie soil to further her career, she says she’s always been quite optimistic and driven as a model, but flies back home any chance she gets.

“I am not a New Yorker by any stretch of the imagination. I miss the beach and the more natural living of Australia. People are always in a hurry and angry in NYC… I miss the humanity sometimes.

“I also miss my avocado toast, soy lattes, and salt water haha.”

Natalie Villanueva
Natalie Villanueva

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