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Pocket-friendly Ideas to Decorate The Living Space
Pocket-friendly Ideas to Decorate The Living Space

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Brighter Futures – Boosting Your Mood With Natural Light

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There are heaps of reasons to get in the garden. To start with, gardening is a great form of physical exercise, with all the bending, pulling, digging and carrying. Then there’re the benefits to your mental health and wellbeing, which are all backed by research and evidence. Also, you get to sit back and take in the rewards of all your hard work as you relax in your back or front yard after a long day of working out your green thumb. But what if you’re pressed for time and you want to create an edible green wonderland? Fear not, because there are ways that you can make your garden self-sustaining. Read on to find out more. Irrigation Systems Irrigation has changed the shape and course of humanities’ time on this planet. So the first step in creating a garden that can fend for itself is to invest in some irrigation supplies from SunshowerOnline. An irrigation system linked to a timer will ensure that your garden gets all the water it needs, at the same time every day, to keep it growing and thriving. You’ll need to keep an eye on the weather though — because if your irrigation system waters your garden before a heavy downfall you can run the risk of drowning your plants. So just remember to disable the timer system on days when there is heavy rain forecast. Lay the Foundations Right The foundation of any blooming, booming garden is healthy and rich soil. Now some people are lucky to live in areas where the soil is packed full of nutrients already and most plants just thrive naturally, but others may not be so lucky. If you’re one on the unlucky ones, you’ll need to invest time and energy into your soil. Begin with compost — you can make your own out of your vegetables, fruits, and other food scraps. If you're unsure where to start check out this guide to composting. Once you have some delicious, healthy soil, your garden will be able to take care of itself. What to Plant? You’re spoiled for choice here. There’s a range of edible plants and herbs that can all grow happily in the Australian climate. A surefire winner is tomatoes, which are easy to grow and look after. You can also try your hand at cucumber, chillies, carrots, pumpkins, strawberries, blueberries or even larger citrus trees like limes and lemons. You can also plant vines like kiwi fruit or passionfruit. Keep in mind that some plants grow in different seasons so you’ll need to pick your planting times carefully. Consider garnishing your garden and your plate with some edible herbs — basil, oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary are all hardy plants that can thrive with very little attention. Keep the Weeds Away While a self-sustaining garden is the goal you’ll have to put in some work here and there, and one thing you can’t avoid is weeding. Weeds take up valuable garden and soil-space that is better utilised by your actual edible plants. Get in the garden every week or two and pull out anything that you didn’t plant yourself or that you don’t want growing in your garden. This leaves all the room for your green babies. A Growing Conclusion The first step to a self-sustaining garden in a decent, timed irrigation system. You’ll want to ensure that you have healthy, rich and nutrient-dense soil as well. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to what to plant — with a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs available. Finally, you’ll still need to put in a bit of work to keep the weeds at bay. Happy gardening!
How to Create a Self-Sustaining Edible Garden

There are heaps of reasons to get in the garden. To start with, gardening is a great form of physical exercise, with all the bending, pulling

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