Celebrating 10 Years of gcmag

Celebrating 10 Years of gcmag

Welcome to our Celebration issue of GCMAG showcasing our favourite interviews from the past 40 issues and 10 years of GCMAG.

We were originally scheduled to celebrate these milestones with you a few weeks ago but with the events of Cyclone Debbie affecting so many of you,  we made the decision to put it off.

It just wasn’t the time for a celebration, but we hope the time has now come you can join us in this celebration.  We understand not everyone is back on their feet yet but we hope this can bring a smile to your face.

This issue is set to take you back through time with a series of our favourite interviews from the past decade, We also chat with the musical icon from our home town the lovely Amy Shark.

We could not have made it this far without you. our sensational readers, and a contribution from the over 60 team members that have worked on our issues past and present.


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