The Chainsmokers Light Up the Brisbane Riverstage !

Electric DJ duo, The Chainsmokers, lit up the Brisbane Riverstage late last month for an explosive final show to conclude their Australian tour.

The guys did not hold back, treating the crowd to confetti cannons, pyrotechnics, smoke, lights and a hypnotic stage set up.

Jumping off the DJ decks, they shouted, “This is our last show in Australia, but I feel like it’s going to be the best one”, as the Brisbane crowd roared with excitement.

Andrew (Drew) Taggart and Alex Pall make up the Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum selling, global sensation better known as The Chainsmokers. Forming in 2012 and achieving global recognition by 2014, the EDM-pop duo has been dropping chart-topping hits ever since, collaborating with the some of the world’s most popular artists along the way.

After sell-out shows across the globe, the American pair finally landed in Australia to bring us the Memories… Do Not Open tour before jumping on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand.

Supporting acts DJ Gil Glaze and Australian DJ LDRU performed one-hour sets of their own before The Chainsmokers made their first appearance. As they stepped on stage, the crowd screamed, and energy levels soared as they took to the decks mixing electronic dance tracks among their original hits. Behind and in front of them, huge screens played perfectly timed visuals, making the show an optical spectacular as well as an enormous dance party.

The Chainsmokers enlisted Brisbane-based drummer, Matt McGuire, for the tour, thrilling the crowd as he was introduced to his home city. A key highlight of the night was McGuire’s drum solo featuring both drumsticks on fire and some playful banter from Taggart and Pall.

Fans were full of energy and followed every request to put their hands up and sing along. The band were not afraid to have some fun, trolling the crowd by leading up to a bass drop and switching to The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ with a fitting sunset background to match.

As the crowd raved the night away to dance remixes, the mood was completely alight with each original hit song chucked into the mix as everyone sung along to tracks like Closer, Something Just Like This, Roses and Don’t Let Me Down.

Overall, the concert was a mammoth DJ set with hints of The Chainsmokers classics squished in-between. Nothing was exactly like the original, but that’s The Chainsmokers magic right? They can take any song and mix it into a captivating, dance-worthy anthem breaking age barriers and genre stereotypes.

With an encore performance of Last Day Alive and the final confetti canon of the night, the conclusion of the show left Brisbane still wanting more. The atmosphere was full of excitement as the crowd dispersed with ears ringing, sore feet and The Chainsmokers songs stuck in their head; every sign of a successful conclusion to an Australia-wide tour.

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