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A Chat with Amelia Jane

A Chat with Amelia Jane

Of Amelia Jane’s photography
Tell me a little bit about yourself Amelia?
Originally from Auckland, New Zealand but I moved over to the Gold Coast 5 years ago to join my high school sweet heart and now fiancé Dylan Tupaea. I am a self- taught photographer of 3 years now however I am a trained Napoleon Perdis makeup artist. I started make up with Napoleon Perdis in New Zealand as a counter manager. I also dabble in clothes designing, styling and elements of hair styling.

So what made you want to pursue photography?
Well me and my sister would play around with the camera back home and take photos of the makeup we were doing. Soon enough I was pursuing photography with the support of my lovely fiancé, Dylan.

What is your main work focus?
I shoot model portfolios, Fashion designers collections, runway shows, Fashion events, business head shots, street fashion and anything that glitters

What sort of feedback do you receive from your shoots?
that I make people feel comfortable, talk a lot during the shoot, give loads of direction, make the shoot fun and most customer tend to book in again for another fun filled shoot.

Can you tell me a little bit about the pictures you take?
Well I mainly work with natural lighting in my shoots- so nothing artificial and am big on colours and outdoor shooting. My pictures are usually carefree, fun and capture the essence of true beauty and imperfections.

When did you start working for GC Mag?
I started working for GC Mag in 2012 at last year’s Gold Coast Fashion Week and I never looked back.

Is there anyone in particular who has helped you get this far in photography?
I could not be where I am today without my fiancé Dylan and Abbey Dalgleish, the owner of Runway Express who helped promote my work.

So can you describe to me your own personal style?
I love to over accessorize, I love all things glitter and sparkly. My personal wardrobe consists of a lot of brown and green colours.

Has there been a photo shoot that has stood out from all the rest?
Well I came very close to swimming home from a shoot one time. I was shooting Grace Simmons down at Elephant Rock on the Gold Coast when suddenly the tide had come in and we were stranded. Luckily Grace’s Dad was there to carry us and all of our equipment back to shore before it got any worse.