Chi The Label


Strong, feminine and elegant are among the few words used to describe Chi the Label which has taken the corporate world by storm.

Chiquita Searle, talented designer and CEO of Chi the Label says her designs were born from a desire to always look classy in the workplace.

“I created a label that can be marketed to women of all shapes and sizes who want to look and feel amazing every day” she told GC Mag when we caught up with the busy designer.

Proving her label’s prowess, Chiquita showcased her corporate looks in Fashion Palette Sydney in May of this year.

It proved successful for the young designer who is now being sought out by women from all walks of life who seek personal styling from Chiquita.

“From the busy executive women who are time poor and need to update their corporate wardrobe to uni students needing advice on how to dress for their first job out of uni” Chiquita told us.

The passionate designer has been trained by the best of the best. She studied at the prestige’s Paris Fashion Institute where she thrown into the fashion scene and educated by the world’s top designers.

“It was such an amazing experience and a real eye opener” speaking of her time in Paris.

Some of her most eyed pieces from her latest collection include stunning little black dresses , pencil skirts, powerful jackets and flattering wide leg pants.

The cutting-edge collection is timeless and embodies strong, feminine and versatile garments that can be easily updated and worn numerous times.

Chiquita hopes for her corporate attire to inspire a gap in the market and reflect upon the amazing business women rising up in society.

“I want my label to be the first port of call for women in Australia and New Zealand when they need to polish up their corporate look” she said.