Coconut Love

If you’re not lucky enough to reside in sunny Queensland, Australia, like us, where the concept of winter doesn’t seem to exist, you may currently be experiencing an unhealthy dose of the winter blues.
Well GCMAG is here to help you brighten up those dull winter days, with colourful, healthy, yummy and summer-y smoothies!
These recipes were created for us by nutritionist Nik Toth. She favours a unique product which is new to the market, MEKO Coconut Water. 100% pure and with a taste reminding you of summer, MEKO Coconut Water is sourced from Thailand.
MEKO contains no added flavours, colours or preservatives, and is a great substitute for fresh young coconuts. Coconut water detoxifies and rehydrates the body, as well as fighting fatigue and restoring energy. It also improves digestion, boosts cardiovascular health, and facilitates muscle building.
So dust off your blender, and bring a bit of summer warmth back into your home with our fresh and healthy smoothie recipes.

Breakfast Colada

1 cup Meko 100% Pure Coconut Water 1/3 cup rolled oats
¼ cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen)
½ banana
1 tbsp flax seeds

Combine coconut water, shredded coconut, oats in a bowl, cover and soak overnight. This process is to aid digestibility, but it can be skipped. Add the pineapple and banana to the mixture and process in a high power blender for 30-45 seconds. Top with shredded coconut.

Coco-Nutty Green

1 banana
1 cup Meko coconut water
1 cup spinach leaves
2 tbsp LSA mix
a small handful of mixed nuts
1-2 dates
Place all ingredients in a high power blender and
blend for 30-60 seconds. Pour in to large glass and


Written by Erin Ibbott

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