The concept of Collaboration+


Dare to follow your dreams. That is exactly what two talented Gold Coast designers have done. Joanne Rahn, of Glamorous Life Swimwear, and Leina Broughton, of Leina Broughton Designs, have recently combined their labels to create Collaboration+. Collaboration+ is a unique store featuring both of the designers ranges in complimentary unison.

In keeping with this issues theme of “New Beginnings”, we sat down to chat with the two ladies about their new beginning, and the journey they have had to take individually to get to this point of their careers.

The concept of Collaboration+ was originally sparked by Gold Spaces who brought the designers together. They saw Leina and Joanne had a similar target market, and encouraged them to combine their style, vision and personalities to create one mutual space.

“It was a bit unexpected for us both but as it turns out we are a great team. Fortunately we have known each other for three years so there was already trust and mutual respect in place. We have very different skill sets and backgrounds, which means we both bring something different to the table. The labels complement each other instead of competing, and the combination is proving to be a hit.”

Collaboration+ has allowed the ladies to introduce their product to both local residents and visiting tourists.

“Being able to meet our customers is invaluable, and gives us the chance to grow our brands, one quality customer at a time. We are also hoping that our time will be extended at the shop so that we can make even more of an impact!”

While this new beginning for the designers is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter, both Joanne and Leina have had to work tirelessly to get to this point.

As the name Collaboration+ suggests, Leina and Joanne have plans to collaborate with other industry creatives.

“We are really happy with the combination of our two labels but true to our name, we have started collaborating with other creatives in the space hosting various Make-Up and Styling events in-store.”

To see the success of these two very talented designers and business women for yourself, visit their Collaboration+ store located in the High St Shopping Precinct:

Shop G008 High St Retail
3113 Surfers Paradise Boulevard
Surfers Paradise
Queensland 4217

And don’t forget that it is never too late, too difficult or too impossible to start your own New Beginning!

The second integral part to the Colloboration+ team is Joanne Rahn. Joanne began her career in fashion at the tender age of 14, working in retail at one of Australia’s best loved ladies retail chains for several years. It was here that she developed a passion (and definite flair!) for drawing out beauty and confidence in women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

“I always knew fashion was my destiny! I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications with majors in Journalism and Public Relations from Bond University in 1999. I used the skills I acquired as part of my degree every day in my business.”

In 2004, Joanne started importing various swimwear from Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil to sell online. However, the desire to design her own bikini range took over.

“It’s a huge buzz when something you have designed becomes one of your ‘top sellers’.”
Joanne’s label has become very well-known not only on the Gold Coast, but internationally with celebrities such as Miranda & Therese Kerr, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Tania Zaetta and Sophie Monk all owning pieces from the Diamond Days collection.

“I love to create. It’s a great feeling to know if it weren’t for you certain things wouldn’t exist. After years of selling imported swimwear, I built a loyal following of clientele. This gave me the confidence to first develop the MOJOZ label, and then my “dream label”: Glamorous Life by Joanne Rahn.”

MOJOZ Swimwear is a “fun and funky” swimwear label designed for fashion conscious females who like to stand out in the crowd in playful prints and bright colours. The majority of designs in the MOJOZ collection tie everywhere to fit – this is great for ladies who are a different size top and bottom.
Glamorous Life by Joanne Rahn specialises in unique, luxurious and bold statement swimwear with a definite European flair.

Joanne will be releasing the next collection from Glamorous Life this month. It is a five piece collection of effortless fashion co-ordinates designed for sophisticated women of all ages. Joanne will also be releasing a small collection of new Glamorous Life by Joanne Rahn swimwear designs for Summer 13/14 later in the year and plans to re-stock a few MOJOZ favourites.

Having both made the journey to success in the design and business industry Leina and Joanne both have a wealth of knowledge and advice for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs.

“Be prepared to put yourself out there… No one will ever sell or promote your product or skills like you can. If you don’t have the knowledge or skills you need to make it, go out and learn. It is such a great Industry if it is where your passion lies so go for it!” –Leina

“Survival is success in the current economic climate. So you really must love what you do, and have the capacity to weather the storm, in order to survive in this business. Business really is in my blood. Some people like surfing, playing the guitar – I like business. It’s my hobby and my passion. I believe to truly succeed in business you must have an amazing work ethic. You must be prepared to do what it takes, and be 150% committed to the cause. You must be prepared to take calculated risks.
You mustn’t ever take “No” for an answer. You must persevere – even when other people scoff or encourage you to give up. Don’t ever allow other people to underestimate you or your abilities – only you know what you are truly capable of. Business is not easy – but the rewards are plentiful if you make it!
Starting your own fashion label is certainly not an easy road (often far from the “Glamorous Life”), and it’s not for the faint hearted. I would only recommend this business to designers who are 100% committed. And it helps to have some dollars behind you, because starting your own fashion label drains you of a lot of money very quickly!” –Joanne