Couran Cove the perfect place to take a break

Couran Cove the perfect place to take a break

It’s that time of the year again we’ve had a few long weekends, some school holidays and memories of relaxation are now fading, and the workday repetition has set in.

We’re spending more time dreaming of our next vacation, maybe even scrolling through the wanderlust hashtags, but the reality for most of us our next break will be in December if we’re lucky.

But what if we told you that there was the possibility of an island getaway, that is only moments from Brisbane and The Gold Coast that is perfect for a weekend away without breaking the bank or needing to tick the boss off with a vacation request.

Earlier this year we set off for a staycation at Couran Cove Island Resort located on South Stradbroke Island, with the sole purpose of being on island time for a few days, kicking back and relaxing with the sand between our toes while enjoying some great company.

We decided to get together a bunch of friends, and head to the island, eleven of us boarded the ferry in boardshorts and headed to the island, and I think between us all there may have been one pair of shoes.

We arrived after a short ferry ride from Hope Island to Couran Cove, greeted by the friendly staff and the sweet salty smell of the ocean and the vast open and sunny feel of the resort.

Bein on island time, we decided to grab a drink overlooking the water and settle into our surrounds for the next few days and take part in some people watching, as everyone arrived on the island by boat setting up for their Australia Day Long Weekend.

It was soon time to take off across the island to our Villa’s and Waterview rooms and settle in for a great weekend of experiences and good times ahead.

The first activity that was recommended to us by some friends was hiring a few bikes for the duration of our stay, as it’s the best way to take in all the island has to offer and get around.

So we all had our bikes and decided to set off on an adventure and take a dip in the ocean and explore the island itself. We set off cycling through the fantastic bushland and soon arrived at one of South Stradbroke Islands pristine, untouched beaches, just in time to close out the afternoon with a dip, it was the perfect way to start our stay.

After enjoying some sunshine and vitamin sea, we thought it was time to head back to the resort and grab something to eat; we decided to pop in and try these delicious pizza’s by the pool and have tipple or two to finish the day.

Retiring to our rooms for the first night, it was just what we needed after some exploring and sunshine and now a few beverages under our belts. I was in one of the Waterfront Villas and settled into my relaxing, clean and spacious surrounds with a flop down onto the bed and just enjoyed being off the clock and dosing off to the sounds of the lagoon.

The rest of the group settled into two of the villas, perfect for large groups with every room having great modern fixtures and views overlooking the harbour or the canals.

The next day was upon us and being one of those pesky early risers, I woke up just on sunrise and took off for a walk around the island, running into many a wallaby and the abundance of birdlife. I ended my morning walk by exploring my way back through the pool area and picked up my morning coffee and a quick breakfast before deciding it was time to be that unbearable friend and wake everyone up.

With everyone wide awake, the second day was well underway, and with a large group of us, we decided that today would be about taking in the resort and enjoying a few beverages and letting the outside world fade away and being well rested for Australia Day. The majority of the day was spent poolside and only broken up with a little standup paddleboarding and kayaking in the lagoon.

We awoke to the perfect day, the sun shining the sky glistening blue and the radio set to Triple J for another perfect Australia Day, We took to the island with a few extras joining us for the day trip and kicked into some beach cricket followed by a BBQ Breakfast. As the day wore on, we had been told of a not to miss celebration underway at the resorts famous Sunset Beach Bar which is open most Friday and Saturdays, one of the few places you can have a tipple with the sand between your toes in South East Queensland.

As the sun went down on another Australia Day and our stay at Couran Cove, the sky erupted into a burst of colour first with the magical sunset and then with a fireworks celebration with music, raffles and a cheering crowd.

It was indeed a great weekend with a great group of people, and just what we needed in the form of rest and relaxation, so why not get your friends together and book a weekend with a room or two and enjoy Couran Cove Island Resort.

If you would like to visit Couran Cove and spend the weekend with the sand between your toes head to

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