Cruelty-free beauty that doesn’t break the bank

Cruelty-free beauty that doesn’t break the bank

For the environmentally conscious amongst us, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products are a must. They’re better for the environment, animal welfare and for your skin. But you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that if products are this good, they are likely to burn a hole in your pocket.

We’re here to bust that myth: turns out it’s a common misconception that cruelty-free beauty always comes at a higher price point than “regular” beauty brands. Our friends at DB Cosmetics – one of our favourite brands for makeup that doesn’t test on animals – shed some light on how they make cruelty-free beauty affordable.

Cruelty-free beauty doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s true to say that cruelty-free and natural beauty products tend to be of higher quality than “regular” products that use harsh chemicals. Natural beauty products tend to be kinder to your skin and use high-quality ingredients. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to come at a higher price point. 

There are budget-friendly beauty brands out there that choose not to test their products on animals and avoid adding harsh chemicals to their formulas. DB Cosmetics is one of them!

Cruelty-free beauty that doesn’t break the bank

Here are 5 products that prove that cruelty-free beauty can be both high-quality and affordable:

  1. DB’s Bold Longwear Lipstick is an all-time favourite. This cruelty-free lipstick is long-lasting and doesn’t dry out your lips, thanks to its winning formula that’s specifically made to counteract dryness. It has nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Seed oil that add to its creamy texture, keeping your lips feeling hydrated all day, and helps the lipstick glide onto your lips without dragging or pulling. At the affordable price of $12.99, you can even treat yourself to a few different shades without breaking the bank – there’s 12 to choose from!
  1. DB’s Lavish Lip Gloss is another amazing cruelty-free lip product available for under $10! Never compromising on the quality of ingredients, this one-swipe application gloss is packed with specially formulated Vitamin E and Synthetic Beeswax for soft and supple lips. It’s available in an incredible range of 15 different shades – your perfect match is waiting for you!
  1. DB’s Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara is one of the best cruelty-free mascaras out there and comes at the super affordable price of $14.99. From the ingredients, to the weightless formula and the unique hourglass brush, everything is of super high quality. Beautiful curl and volume guaranteed!
  1. DB’s NEW Skin Renew Ceramide Foundation has an amazing hydrating, satin formula, enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin C to be super healthy for your skin. A full coverage cruelty-free foundation that offers lightweight, buildable coverage and a second skin finish for a healthy complexion all day long at only $22.99 – you’re onto a winner!
  1. DB’s Skin Renew Ceramide Pressed Powder is a must-have for a flawless finish. This cruelty-free makeup powder minimises shine and creates a soft finish that doesn’t cake or flake. Available in 4 shades to suit a range of skin tones, it’s infused with Ceramides to help restore the skin carrier and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and improve elasticity. Vegan and cruelty-free make-up at only $14.99? This is proof that it can be done!

There’s no downside to cruelty-free beauty

When you choose to use cruelty-free beauty products, you are making better choices for the environment, the animals, your skin and your wallet. What’s not to love?

DB Cosmetics ensure that their product range is free of nasties such as parabens, talc, and bismuth. In addition to being cruelty-free, their products contain 100% synthetic beeswax and synthetic lanolin – making them also 100% Vegan Certified. 

Now that you know which products to pick, head over to DB Cosmetics’ website to browse their full range of budget-friendly cruelty-free beauty products. From flawless skin to natural glow, their range of cruelty-free makeup is affordable and maintains a high level of quality that’s good for your skin and the planet.

Cruelty-free beauty that doesn’t break the bank
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