Cup Day Discovery at Kiva Han

Cup Day Discovery at Kiva Han

The GC Mag staff enjoyed a different type of Melbourne Cup function this year, attending a decadent lunch at the Kiva Han Roasting House at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.  We were treated to a lovely Meze inspired three course meal and were entertained by Kiva Han’s regular performer, Bec Whitehead.  This sophisticated Gold Coast business has exploded onto the scene providing a unique and cultural experience for its customers.

The roasting house is named after the world’s first coffee shop that was opened up in Constantinople, Turkey, in 1475.  The modern version of Kiva Han roasts their own 100% organic beans daily, also supporting Fair Trade Organisations in the process.  The fresh roasting of the beans on the premises gives you the option to enjoy the blend while you are there, or buy some to take home.

As well as offering exquisite blends of coffee, the Kiva Han kitchen also offers a range of dishes to appeal to any Mediterranean-lovers’ tastebuds.  Using fresh and seasonal ingredients, Kiva Han provide a cultural breakfast and lunch experience for their customers.

The Kiva Han Roasting House also run a secondary business called the K-Bar & Meze Kitchen.  This side venture boasts a menu of Mediterranean-inspired dinner dishes and showcases local beers on tap, such as Burleigh Brewery Beer.  There is also a range of ever changing bottled beers, and an extensive wine and spirit list to select from.  The knowledgeable staff behind the bar are experts in concocting cocktails as well.

Additionally, Kiva Han are renowned for their pig-on-a-spit and relaxing entertainment on Sundays.  Kiva Han’s own Etta James, singer Bec Whitehead, accompanies Jesse Green, who performs on the saxophone.

The venue has been built using recycled materials, providing a chic and homely feel.  Whatever you choose to do there, the Kiva Han Roasting House will give you a dining and drinking experience like no other.

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