Dami Im is beautiful. Smart, sweet, modest. It is hard to believe that such a gentle young lady holds one of the most powerful, prominent and well-known voices in the Australian music industry today. Coinciding with her 26th birthday, on October 17th Dami released her first original album, Heart Beats.
“In Heart Beats, every track is very different – I like the variety I have in the album. There are a lot of positive and optimistic songs, and I want to be able to share that with others. This album is a true reflection of me, and really, I just want to make people happy.”
In her music as well as her personal life, Dami has been incredibly busy. “I’ve never been on so many flights! Noah [her husband] and I have just come back from China, where I was performing. It was aired on China MTV, which was amazing. A few months ago we were in Singapore as well. So yes, very busy! [laughs].”
Surprisingly, Dami’s background in music is classical. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Queensland with first class honours in a Bachelor of Music. Successively, she completed a Masters of Arts degree in contemporary voice at Griffith University. Prior to her X-Factor success in 2013, Dami was a music and piano teacher.
“You know, I really look up to Ed Sheeran. He’s a wonderful singer and songwriter, and he’s able to express himself without going along with all of the clichés that come with fame and the music industry. Yeah, he’s a pretty big inspiration for me.”
In December, Dami will be touring Australia with world renowned musician John Legend on his ‘All of Me’ tour as a supporting performer. Alongside this, Dami will be performing at Carols in the Domain, as she did last year.
“I absolutely loved doing Carols in the Domain last year; it was such a beautiful event. I’m so excited to be going back this year. And the tour with John … it’s going to be amazing. So many things to look forward to!” she laughs.
As for her future, Dami is excited, an animated tone in her voice. “Well, everything with Heart Beats is going so well, so I’m eager to write some new songs, and hopefully tour next year as well! So yes, very exciting things ahead.”
Dami Im is an incredibly talented, humble young lady. Her touching and fun album, Heart Beats, is available now!

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