Designers Corner with Lucid Label

Designers Corner with Lucid Label

So to start of the interview who is Lucid Label ..?
Launched in August 2012 by Joyce Li, former ex head designers at Nicola Finetti,

LUCID is an up and coming Ready to wear designer label located in Arcade 3, 281 Clarence Sydney NSW, with online e-boutique and stocked in selected boutiques both nationally and Internationally.

When did you realise that you wanted to start designing?

I had an interest in fashion design since high school textiles and design electives. It was a subject were I only looked forward to going to class and on time too if not early.

We use to have a yearly fashion show where we could showcase and model our own designs to the rest of the school and parents & friends with panels and competition. It was always the event to look forward to each year and became a passion. Studying at Raffles KVB institute of Design only further developed this passion and opened the opportunity to working with Nicola FInetti.

What does Australian Fashion mean to you and what would you say makes it uniquely Australian …?

Australian fashion to me is uniquely relaxed, fresh and is playful elegance. Australian designers are very down to earth and closely connected with it’s customers, working together to provide a very strong and confident industry.

Inspiration is a massive part of life how do you draw inspiration for the brand?

Inspiration is all the daily adventures and moments of mind wanders in everyday we live.

It is the translation of the inner mind and thoughts onto paper and into reality

I love to stare into the distance for inspiration. The further i star the more the possibility lies.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I love the sketching part of designing where you draw out all ideas and inspiration in your mind and onto a piece of blank paper and after to see it translate into reality, pinning, draping and cutting it to perfection.

How would you define your brands market and style…?

Fun femininity, stylish elegance, androgynous chic and professional sophistication. Ready-to wear co-ordinates with after five statement pieces to cover anyone’s wardrobe from office to play.

We focas on 20-35 age group of which are confident, creative and individual ladies with a love for unique, and a statement orientated fashion and lifestyle, she is a creator of trends and personal style.

Where can our readers get their hands on your label

Arcade 3, 281 Clarence street Sydney and selected boutique stores nationally and in Beijing, Shanghai.

See full stockist list on website.

About the label

LUCID stands for the independent control over one’s honest mind as well as their dream world within. Lucid believes that every woman is in complete control of her style and image, even during periods of confusion and insanity. It identifies the independence within all women to change as they please, be as they desire, and live and they dream.Lucid demonstrates a careful balance of fun femininity, stylish elegance, androgynous chic and professional sophistication. The collection features harmonious details, soft tailoring and drape, emphasis on unique and refined lines all of which strike an undeniably modern edge. The textile choice is highly selective resulting in a global standard production, a true testament to LUCID’s proactive approach to the deconstruction and interpretation of international trends whilst remaining faithful to understanding the needs of women today. The collection attempts to capture a demographic seeking to self-style in a way that allows freedom of expression while promoting the illusion of an escape from reality. LUCID instills a sense of confidence and reaffirms a sense of self in all that live, wear and believe in the philosophy of the label.

stay in touch with LUCID: instagram/lucidlabel facebook/lucidlabel
You can also see Lucid at QT Fashion Week and Awards for event information Click Here



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