Designers Corner with Molly and Polly

Designers Corner with Molly and Polly

Today we have sat down and had a chat with Molly and Polly’s designer Kirsten just after MBFF as apart of our designers corner series

What does fashion mean to you …?
Fashion is an expression of one’s personality & creativity, I love seeing how people piece together outfits & create a completely unique look with styling accessories.

When did you realise that you wanted to start designing?
What prompted you to start Molly and Polly? I have wanted to design & create unique swimwear from a very young age, I studied Fashion Design in 2009 & I knew before I started the course that I wanted to design bright graphic inspired swimwear. The beach & coastal lifestyle really inspires me & I enjoy creating swimwear that is bright & unique.

How would you define the style of Molly and Polly?
How does it differ from your personal style? I believe the style of Molly & Polly is always evolving, we are not afraid to design neon pieces or mix & match bright prints as everyone is different & some girls really love to have a unique bikini for Summer, my personal style is very similar I love bright colours & clashing accessories.

Inspiration is a massive part of life how do you draw inspiration for the brand?
I find inspiration in beautiful places, my inspiration from the new collection ‘Great Barrier Reef’ came from The Great Barrier Reef, the bright colours of the coral & fish underwater. Is really is amazing & the peacefulness of the ocean when snorkelling on the reefs is something that I think everyone should experience once in their lives

What is your favourite part of the design process?
My favourite part of the design process is sampling the final collection pieces, it’s very exciting as you really get to see it all come together & see a finished product after months of planning & sampling colours & cuts. I also really enjoy the

When pulling together a campaign how do you select your models ?
I generally have a model in mind before I plan the styling of the photo-shoot as they are sometimes my muse or I think their look would suit the collection perfectly. I generally hire models from local agencies as I prefer to work with experience models, as I believe modelling is like acting & if a model is not comfortable or experienced the photos are generally not going to turn out as well.
With this season just starting what are some of the goals that you have for the future of Molly and Polly?
Being an emerging label, my future goal would be for Molly & Polly to grow Interstate & Internationally in the next 6-12 months & to expand with retail stores interstate.

If you had to pick a favourite print in the range at moment what would it be?
My favourite print from the new Collection ‘Great Barrier Reef’ is the ‘Love Heart Reef’ print, this is a graphic print design of the amazing love heart shaped ‘Hardy Reef’ visible by sea plane tours over the Whitsunday’s.

What are some tips and advice you may have for aspiring fashion designers?
I believe that studying business is just important as studying fashion design, therefore doing a course in business is a great advantage to any aspiring fashion designer looking to enter the Australian fashion industry.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions with us today !

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