Designers Corner with Shapes in the Sand

Designers Corner with Shapes in the Sand

When did you realise that you wanted to start designing?
It definitely runs in the family. My mum and aunt have a sewing background. I think it was meant to be from the day I decided to engrave my initials into my mum’s sewing machine with a needle at the age of 9. We still have the machine to this day!

I have always had a creative mind and an interest in design. I am a very visual person and for me colour and creative expression is happiness

Just before I finished high school I realised that I wanted to take the path in fashion design. It wasn’t until I started studying fashion when I realised swimwear design was my passion. And here I am doing what I love most.

What does Australian Fashion mean to you and what would you say makes it uniquely Australian …?
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia I have grown up near some of the most beautiful beaches. Australia’s magnificent coast line is definitely what makes Australia so unique & distinctive.

Inspiration is a massive part of life how do you draw inspiration for the brand?
Inspiration is all around us. I draw most of my inspiration from nature. There is so much beauty within the environment.An endless colour palate which is full of life. I like to interpret this through my print design.

What is your favourite part of the design process?
The textile print design. Seeing these prints on the finished sample for the first time is definitely the highlight of the design process

How would you define your brands market and style…?
I define the Shapes in the Sand market as special. They not only have an eye for colour and style but they have a conscience that they are helping do what’s best for our environment.The label is one that creates quality alternatives to the mass-produced goods we are constantly surrounded by. Shapes in the Sand is very print focused with pieces that are quirky and fun, mixed with classic styles that are comfortable and of course certified eco-friendly.

Where can our readers get their hands on your label
You can shop Shapes in the Sand online at
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Instagram: @shapesinthesandswim

About the label
Shapes in the Sandis the embodiment of a love for the beauty of nature that surrounds us. With a breath of fresh air, the label breathes the environment through sustainably fresh, bold and addictive designs. Shapes in the Sand is defined by its bold signature prints, certified eco-friendly fabrics and classic styles

Offering a collection of swimwear and lifestyle wear for men and women, each garment
is created with a conscience of knowing that through supporting Shapes in the Sand, you are taking positive steps towards an eco future.

Designed and made in beautiful Australia. Shapes in the Sand ensures all products are made ethically and in limited number especially for you.

The upcoming Summer 2014/15 collection will take you on an unforeseen journey to a place which blossoms with rich colour. The “Into the Wild” collection features bold prints matched with classic cuts inspired by the tropical jungles of South America, a place full of mystery and the unknown. Keeping to the labels values the collection is made using our signature certified eco-friendly fabrics.

You can also see Shapes in the Sand at QT Fashion Week and Awards for event information Click HereGC2

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