Our Caffeine and Food Finds ?

Our Caffeine and Food Finds ?

The team at Addiction Broadbeach kicked off with a bang back in 2017, from an idea to very quickly taking action and bringing you some great coffee and food they have hit the ground running that’s for sure. Jonathan and the team at Addiction have certainly got some locals buzzing with their aim to bring a smile to everyone who steps foot in the venue by having them leave satisfied and caffeinated. There are a few perfect pairings in life, but Good Coffee and Great Food is one of them, it can make any day beautiful, and the team have paired up with Ground Control coffee and a great kitchen team to provide that perfect balance. So pop on over and check out the guys at Addiction Coffee … 5/24 Queensland Avenue, Broadbeach

Coffee is an artform? #addictionbroadbeach

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Waking up on a warm Sunday next to these 2 ? #addictionbroadbeach

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Dramanti Artisan Roaster

Our Caffeine and Food Finds ? Every day our office could be mistaken for a set of the Walking Dead if we haven’t picked up our morning caffeine hit, but it just doesn’t stop there with our caffeine pick me up it has to be good coffee. I’m pretty the sure hiring criteria here at the magazine should be as simple as coffee or tea … the majority of us love a great cup of Coffee. So we heard something that sent us the way of Dramanti Coffee who are striving to create that artisan excellence in the local Morningside community. The team roast over 700kg per week to distribute to their growing 20 cafe partners, alongside the retail customers. But they have just launched their cafe in Wynnum and are making waves in the food and coffee arena they have many must-try blends but the ones we suggest are named after the streets Tingal, Edith and Clara that cross paths with their original Dramanti home. The team of 10 are all a family and all responsible for the magic that ends up on your plate or cup. It’s a must stop on the caffeine trails of Brisbane. Pop into their cafe in Wynnum or visit the HQ and take home some beans for yourself.  Visit Dramanti

Knox Dining

Our Caffeine and Food Finds ? Knox Dining conceptualised from the idea that there was a need for a healthy, wholesome and modern dining experience in Surfers Paradise that was both ‘casual and chic’. The team pride themselves on catering to the demands of both locals and visitors, providing a welcome alternative for those looking for something more than fast food in the hear of Surfers Paradise. They also knock together an interesting Cold brew called the “Nitro Coffee’ (Nitrogen infused 18 hour cold brewed coffee. It’s smooth, cold, refreshing and gives a helluva caffeine kick. Quickly building a reputation as a favourite for locals and holidaymakers serving a healthy and modern all-day breakfast/lunch menu and a delicious dinner menu that features Share Plates catering to the carnivores, herbivores and gluten-free tribes. The ‘tapas’ style dinner menu provides affordability and variety while showcasing quality products and the Chef’s attention to detail. The resident Mixologist (all the way from Texas, USA) has a passion for mixing concoctions like no other. So head on in and try Knox Dining @ Shop T12 Circle On Cavill 3184 Surfers Paradise Qld.

The Wacky Whisk

Our Caffeine and Food Finds ? The family owned and run Cafe and Patisserie in the hear of Broadbeach is where all the sweet and savoury creations take place! The Wacky Whisk provides a variety of great meals for locals and tourists alike, and they have just launched a new venture called Goldibox, Where you can order cakes, desserts, doughnuts and other sweet treats online and have them delivered! Head on over and meet the Wacky Whisk team open daily from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm except for Fridays and Saturdays when they also kick open the doors for Dinner too at 17a/19 Albert Ave, Broadbeach.

Lakeview Espresso

Our Caffeine and Food Finds ?Great food is just a part of what makes up any excellent dining experience, but the main reason the majority of us decide to head out for a night away from the tv or uber eats is to meet up with friends for a coffee, and a meal is all about creating a connection. This was a significant part of what the guys at Lakeview Espresso wanted to achieve taking and updating Lakeview and turning it into a real community hub, a place in the backstreets of Burleigh where locals and tourists can escape for a bite or that all-important caffeine fix and create those lasting connections. The journey started with an old corner store, wandering ducks, a lake, a park and two crazy hospitality workers who saw the potential to a bring life to the are once more and set out on an adventure. Lakeview is a great spot to stop in an enjoy some of their sensational coffee a story in itself or grab some of the nourishing options across the seasonal menu. And sit down and enjoy the company of some great people. 100 Burleigh St, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220

Creamy chicken & mushroom crepe! Autumn lunch perfection.

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Did we mention just how fluffy our Apple Pie Pancakes are?

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Spend your Sunday poolside sipping Veuve Clicquot at W Brisbane