Since their humble beginnings on the UK’s X Factor, Little Mix has quickly morphed into one of the biggest and best-selling girl bands of all time!  Equipped with impressive vocals and that charismatic British wit; Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy have certainly paved their status as pop superstars. Hailed as the Spice Girls of our generation, Little Mix are the epitome of girl power and killer tunes that can get anyone dancing. Currently touring the world on their ‘Get Weird’ tour, we were lucky enough to witness one incredible show that left us buzzing the whole ride home!

Playing to a sold out crowd at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, before Little Mix even took to the stage, the atmosphere was absolutely eclectic. Unlike other bands, there is just something relatable and incredibly likeable about four normal girls who hit the big time and strengthened the power of sisterhood. Alongside their impressive musical pedigree, the girls have voiced their desire to act like big sisters to their Little Mixers and promote self-acceptance. After all, they described the Get Weird album and tour as a celebration of being unique and not holding back, encouraging fans worldwide to embrace their inner weirdness!

Opening to cheers and excited tweens jumping out of their seat, the girls fiercely performed a musical set that included hits from the early Salute days to their current number one singles like Hair and Love Me Like You. Accompanied by impressive dance routines, the girls captivated the audience from the second they stood on stage in the most exquisite, sequined leotards that screamed pop royalty! What must be commended was the extraordinary musical tribute to the current tunes dominating the airwaves. Paired with incredible choreography, Little Mix performed hits from the likes of Beyoncé to Drake, creating the perfect interlude to the second part of the set…where everyone was encouraged to Get Weird! Despite the massive crowd, the girls managed to make the concert feel somewhat intimate taking the time to interact with the audience and often leaving the crowd in stitches with their dazzling British humor. Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy’s distinct personalities shined throughout the show, where the girls continuously reinforced the importance of embracing your inner weirdness.

Make no mistake; Get Weird does not mess about! The record and tour promote individuality and girl power, all the while showcasing the incredible talent of the Little Mix girls. Despite their international music success, the likeability of each pop princess is strengthened by her apparent modesty and aura of humbleness. The Get Weird tour must be congratulated for its incredible music and dance production as well as the underlying messages of empowerment. There’s no denying Little Mix is the girl band to watch as they continue to break down barriers and produce great music that get our ‘backs off the wall and make us move!’

Check out their latest single Hair HERE




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