Dust Designer a revolution in Coffee Art

Dust Designer a revolution in Coffee Art

With an eye for artistic detail, creative flair and infectious energy, he has fused his passion for food and style with his sights set on adding a cool factor to coffee.

Introducing Michael Greves, coffee connoisseur and spirited wizard behind the curtain of Dust Designer.
Michael’s personality is as smooth, sincere and distinctive as the coffee stencils he presents.
Before thriving in the international photography and graphic design industry, his prime culinary skills and hospitable demeanour adorned the restaurant and social scene
Simultaneously, Michael worked as the understudy for fine dining legend and trailblazer Michael Platsis, while developing a highly successful career and outgoing reputation for himself.
The birth of Dust Designer™ combines all of Michael’s talents and interests into a flourishing coffee and drink culture.
Via the website, customers are encouraged to send in logos and images that can be converted into stencils for dusting with lip-smacking powders such as sugar, chocolate and cinnamon to name a few.
PUK Espresso at Kangaroo Point has been one of the first hipster hangouts to try this revolutionary and exciting craze.
Michael said: “the creativity of stencil requests from barista’s so far has been incredible and the potential of what someone may see on their morning coffee is endless”
If your business is about all about adding a personal touch then Dust Designer™ will make the perfect corporate gift.

If you’re planning an event, surprise and delight guests with a trademark coffee or captivating cocktails.

Get a little bit dusty and design your own one of a kind stencil that is guaranteed to make your drinks extra hot and be a total crowd-pleaser amongst family, friends and clients.
Keep people coming back for more and craving a fix for not only coffee, but for the ultra addictive culture that your stencil will create.
So drink in chic with a coffee that’s bursting with creativity and artistic flair.
Take it from the experts in coffee and dust on over to:

Words by Our Very Own Adelaide Lodder and Maggie Catlow, self confessed cuppa enthusiast and froth worshiper.
Photographer Michael Greves and Model Silka Kurzak

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