Erika Jayne Billboard chart topper


With six consecutive number one hits, millions of views on Youtube and a career as a Billboard chart topper, Erika Jayne is back with a new brand of electronic-pop guaranteed to have you rushing to the nearest dance floor.
After appearing on the club scene in 2007 with her hit ‘Rollercoaster’, Erika found herself on top of the US dance charts for the first time. Her debut album ‘Pretty Mess’ released two years later, replicating the success of her previous work and earning her six number ones. This impressive feat secures her a place among pop stars Rihanna and the Pussy Cat Dolls who experienced similar levels of success with their debuts. Erika still remembers the first time she saw her name next to number one, “I will never forget it! It’s an incredible feeling and I hope to be seeing it a lot more.”
Her new record PAINKILLR lived up to this expectation. Reaching number one on the Billboard charts shortly after its release, Erika’s new track combines high energy dance with blaring trumpet melodies reminiscent of the 1930s. Her love for “the fashion, the style, and the attitude of that era” inspired her to draw on this era of music to produce a fresh sound.
The dynamic energy of this track is reflected in her hectic schedule. Recently returning from Manila after shooting content for her new EP, Erika has also just finished work on set for the PAINKILLR music video, available for viewing later this year. In between travelling, recording and photo shoots, she has landed many high profile collaborations for her new EP. Among the line-up is top music producer Scott Storch. “I always learn from collaborating with other artists, that’s the beauty in it. Each one of them brought such unique skill and flow to the table, but Scott Storch’s ability to write hits is a true gift,” Erika revealed about one of the industry’s most in-demand talents.
So what can we expect to see from this blonde bombshell next? She describes her new EP as “Sexy. Dark. Sexy”. Dropping later this year, the brand new record promises to push your collection of club and dance music to the next level.
After such a positive start to 2014, where does Erika see herself in a year’s time? “Somewhere fabulous, touring the world and making people dance!”

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