Falls Festival Rolls into town


While most festivals around our country are all about the music, the Falls Festival is able to offer you so much more than that. The team behind this festival work especially hard to bring this unique celebration of life to you.
The thing that makes the Falls Festival truly unique is the fact that it takes place in some of the most breathtaking places in Australia. National festival director Paul Piticco explains that each site was specifically chosen, and it was their intent to have the location as one of the main focuses of the festival.
He says that every location of the Falls Festival is geographically stunning and placed right next to a beach. “It’s a time of year when everyone is relaxing by the beach and that’s where we decided it’s best for us to be too,” Mr Piticco says.
While tickets to the Falls Festival at Byron Bay and Lorne are sold out, festival-goers are still able to purchase tickets to Marion Bay. And there are many outstanding features of this site.
Like all of the Falls Festival locations, Marion Bay is situated in a natural amphitheatre, but it also has the added bonus of having the Tasman Sea as its backdrop.
“You can sit anywhere in the main arena with a perfect view of the stage, while the sun sets over the ocean. It is spectacular and something you won’t experience at any other music festival in the country,” Piticco explains.
In Mr Piticco’s line of work he travels to music festivals all around the globe, but according to him, Marion Bay is by far the most stunning he has seen.
The wonders are not limited to the music arena though, with many other attractions on offer in our Southern-most state.
With natural beauty, demonstrated in sights such as Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain and the Bay of Fires, Tasmania truly is one stunning island.
According to Mr Piticco, there are some great surf spots to be found, or art lovers can drop into MONA in Hobart after the festival and spend a day or two there. Hobart at this time of years is also a foodies paradise, with the Taste of Tasmania festival happening from December 28th until the 3rd January. It showcases some of the fantastic local produce that Tasmania is so famous for.
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is also happening at this time as well. As Mr Piticco explains: “The whole island is alive; it is the perfect time of year to link in your festival experience with a broader itinerary to explore the state.”
As well as being a great destination holiday, the Falls Festival also has a number of important principles underpinning its success. Mr Piticco explains that they are lucky with their sites as they are surrounded by a community who embrace the event’s sustainable and community focused beliefs.
Sustainability is an important issue for the team behind Falls. The event has been internationally recognised as a pioneer in environmental and sustainable initiatives. According to the team behind the festival, it is not easy being green, but they are always trying to improve and save where they can.
The other main principle behind the festival is its community based approach. This can be seen through its involvement of all ages and of music acts from all around the globe. It is able to engage people from all walks of life, and because of this, the Falls Festival really is a unique event.
So whether you want to soak up the music from great international and local acts, revel in the community feel of the festival, or even just sit back and enjoy your spectacular surroundings, Marion Bay is the place to be at New Year’s. Don’t miss out!
Visit: http://www.mona.net.au/