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Fashion Corner - a chat with Sophia Tsiros fashion enthusiast and stylist

Name: Sophia Tsiros     Age: 22      Occupation: Fashion Enthusiast     Workplace: Denim.co (www.denimco.com.au) Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? I am currently working as a stylist at Denim.co boutique in South Bank, as well as studying fashion photography at the Queensland Collage of Art. I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life, but I also spent a year in Rome when I was younger. How did you get your start in fashion? I am one of four girls. I honestly think it started because I was sick of my sisters constantly borrowing my clothes. I started buying more diverse statement pieces that they would turn their nose up at (and then wear four months later). It then turned into a passion, as I tried to express my personality and taste through the medium of fashion. Have you always worked in the fashion or retail industries? I have worked in the retail industry since I was 15. Prior to Denim.co, I worked in a number of fashion outlets, including Izabel+Sebastian in a similar styling role. What is it that you love about fashion? I love the flexibility it gives each individual to express his or herself. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. I love keeping up with the latest trends and reading online fashion publications like they are going out of production. Where do you draw inspiration for your own style? I love being a fly on the wall and just watching people on the street and observing their style aesthetics. I find myself mixing and matching other people’s bags with another girl’s shoes and her jacket. I also find myself drawing inspiration from some of the ‘style bibles’ such as Russh, Oyster and Harpers Bazaar. Is the fashion industry what you expected it to be? It never fails to challenge or excite me, which keeps me on my toes most of the time!  Of late, it has surprised me with its evolving collaborations and advances in technology. As technology grows, so does the fashion industry and it lends itself to more creative channels than one! What is the most interesting part of your job? I would have to say my customers! Helping them look and feel confident in their outfit really makes me happy and gives me great personal satisfaction. What are your favourite labels, designers or particular items in store at Denim Co? I love the large array of Australian designers we are currently featuring in-store. Mainly Kirrily Johnston, Sara Phillips, Manning Cartell and Life With Bird. They are still quite diverse in their designs and I love that the majority of their lines are produced in Australia. What sets Denim Co apart from its competitors? Oh, definitely the high-end, exclusive brands we stock. The store also has a very European feel, combining espresso with fashion. It’s happening all over Melbourne and Sydney, but Denim Co is the first in Queensland to offer a boutique-clothing store together with a fine-dining café. What else could you ask for? What key skills are required as a stylist? I think it is important to have a good understanding of colours, textures and fabrics. Having the ability to add your own distinction to your styling choices sets you apart from the rest. How important is it for a stylist to be blogging in this day in age? If the purpose of the blog is for the individual to show off art and diversity in clothing, then it really can be an effective avenue. The future of blogging is unknown, but the possibilities the platform holds are endless. What is your advice for budding fashion stylists out there? Find the reasons why fashion makes you excited and use them in your styling. If you want to get across a certain aesthetic then go for it! You’re in charge of your future, no one else is! What are three essential items every girl needs in their wardrobe?

  1. Ankle boots (I will even be lenient on colour).
  2. That stand out, cost you a fortune, but worth every penny dress.
  3. Black skinny jeans (To be bias, I’d say J-Brand or KSUBI).
What is the biggest mistake girls make when shopping or dressing? Assessing their wardrobe and seeing what they actually need. Girls don’t need five pairs of black ankle boots! Instead, they should be buying a stand out piece that will instantly dress up some basic black jeans, for example. It’s all about the final execution! Ironing that shirt or adding a belt can make a world of difference. What is your favourite stylist trick or tip? Wearing the same piece of clothing in more ways than one, like turning a dress into a shirt buy tucking it into a skirt! Clever! If you could choose any celebrity, living or dead, to ‘make-over’ who would it be and why? I would have to say Jessica Simpson. Over the years, she has chosen some awful outfit combinations and she doesn’t dress for her body shape! She has such a beautiful womanly figure. I would love to see her incorporate that in her personal style. What is your dream project? To style a collaborative fashion, art and photography piece for a large shopping destination, like the Printemps department store in Paris!]]>

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