Flashback: A Chat with 360

This is a flashback article from a 2012 issue of GCMAG

Wow what a phone call! I’ve just been speaking to the number one Aussie

Rapper 360, known to his friends and family simply as Matt. We discussed
everything from his life inspirations and his recent emotional engagement
to some of his passions behind the music and where he sees himself in
the future.

Here’s what he had to say.

So first off congratulations on your recent engagement to your now fiance Crystal, that must have been exciting! Tell me how it unraveled?
Well it was the night before Valentines, I was in Sydney at the time and I received a text message from Crystal asking if I wanted to exchange Val- entines prezzies. So I went and sorted out a ring and shit. By the time I got back to the hotel where we were staying, she was asleep, I had to wake her up I was nervous as fuck.

So cute!

By the time I woke her up I was so emotional she thought I was trying to break up with her and when I asked if she wanted to get married she
though I was joking so I asked her again. We were both crying it was very emotional it was crazy!

So what would you say to all the young men out there that feel marriage is the end of life as they know it, or that staying single is the way to go? If you love the woman you’re with you shouldn’t worry about it, it should be what you want to do, you should not think it will make you less of a man, no way!

Not only is 360 a romantic, he’s also spreading the word and awareness about depression, about speaking up when you feel alone and reassuring his fans out there that you’re not alone and you should never be embarrassed about to talk about how you feel. If you have not seen the YouTube Clip A message to everyone, check it out!

message to everyone: If suicide ever crosses your mind, contact a loved one and tell them. Do not be afraid. If you feel you have no one you can talk to, go to a doctor or an organisa-tion like Beyond Blue – suicide is not the answer

I love your YouTube clip A message to everyone and your song So Fake…
Thanks so much!

Are you planning to make music using this message and continue the awareness? What should we keep an eye out for to help support your message?
At the moment we are selling a heap of clothes that I’ve worn in past rapping battles and some limited edition items. I will be donating these off to charities. I think we as musicians have a voice that can share messages with people, telling them not to be afraid but to talk about their problems and be open about them, and that’s a really important message to get across.

I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing here and I love the fact that you offer under 18 shows.
The under 18 shows are always fucken crazy, they’re nuts, haha, it’s important to keep the young people happy.

You must have been excited when you were invited to perform on stage along with The Living End?
Oh it was fun, mad, totally random. It was mind-blowing sharing a stage with those guys! I’ve loved them so much from the age of ten I was fucken over the moon about it!

Well you must be exhausted, coming to the end of your tour tomorrow and then you have another tour coming up in June/July.
Yeah I was so shocked and excited, the tickets went on sale yesterday and already they’re nearly sold out! It’s mind blowing.

What American rappers and singers inspire you the most and what is it about them?
Jay-z is a big inspiration; he’s managed to stay current for so long, it’s sick. I’d say Kanye,
he’s always doing what he wants he has no rules; I love his attitude towards music.

So how do you feel about illegal downloading?
You know I used to download heaps of shit when I was younger, I used to do download eve-
rything. Now with Iphones and Itunes I buy everything from movies to songs and now that
I’m an artist I know what it’s like to be a struggling artist and out of respect if there’s some-
one or band I really like I’ll go and buy their album.

Are you still taking part in under ground battles like when you first started out?
Yeah, I’ve got one coming up in two weeks and just did one a few days back, it’s hard to find
the time but I love the battles.

We’ve been hearing some metro beats coming from you lately, is this your new direction or are you going to continue experimenting with other beats?
I don’t really have one direction or plan I just got with the flow, where ever the music takes me that’s where I’ll go. There’s no real direction, we just see where the
album takes us.

One last question, where do you see yourself in ten years from now? Do you see kids in the picture?
I see myself making my music, staying current and making a living off what I love to do. I’ll have all my tatt’s finished, it’s going to take a few years; I need to get
my arm finished then start on my other arm and finish off my chest piece as well. After all my tours I want to get into a good routine of getting up early, getting my
exercise in and eating well. At the moment I’m really enjoying just getting up and eating what ever we can get. Kids? Yeah I want two kids, one boy and one girl –
the boy first and then a little sister.

Well I have to say that I think you’re doing amazing! Between all of your tours, signings and appearances, you’re managing to have an amazing relationship with Crystal while still getting involved with a worthy cause and making inspiring music with positive messages to you fans. Well done, keep it up!

Thanks much appreciated.

What a wonderful guy, a joy to talk to, can’t wait to see what he does next and looking forward to his next album. Be sure to check out his YouTube clips and head over to Ticketek and grab some tickets to see him live!


Written by Amelia Jane

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