Flashback: A Chat with Faker


This is a flashback article from a 2012 issue of GCMAG

In The Leadup to the Gold Coast Big Day Out we had a chat to Nic from Faker ….

What is your top tip for Festival Goers this Summer?
I’ve said this before but i still think it holds true- if you want to express your individuality by colouring your hair for a festival, get it dyed properly! That stuff you just spray on your hair always melts in the heat and you will look like a burns victim (or worse) by lunchtime.

After 3 years away from touring, how did it feel like being back on the road?
Like coming home, to a beautiful roast dinner, the evening newspaper, our most comfortable slippers and a good stiff cognac.

October involved an amazing tour support-ing one of the UK’s most popular groups of the year, The Wombats. How was the experience tour-ing with those boys?
Well that was our first steps back onto the stage, so we were really thrown in at the deep end. Fortunately we’re strong swimmers so that was right up our alley.\

October and November seem to have been non-stop for the band, and can imagine January is going to be ridiculously busy and exciting. Does the old ad-age ‘what happened on tour, stays on tour’ sing true or can you tell us of a crazy experience?
Well touring itself is just a bit insane. It’s the psychological equivalent of snagging part of a woolen jumper on some-thing as you walk past without realising it, and the longer you continue to walk away, the more the stitching in your jumper unravels. Touring does that to your brain, but because it happens incrementally, you don’t actually realise how in-sane you’ve become until you get home.

How would you describe life on the road for the band? Do you enjoy the touring and does it feel like a free and an experience, or does it sometimes seem ongoing and unsettling?
We absolutely love touring. The only thing i struggle with is working out the sleeping arrangements on a daily basis. You have to share your room with different people all the time or people start to think you don’t like them, even if it’s only their weird sleeping hab-its or poor hygiene that keeps you away.

You’re giving away your new album titled “Get Loved” for FREE! – we understand this is all part of a journey and experience for listeners to be taken on. How would you describe it to our readers so they can relate to this experience and journey?
Get Loved was born of a time at the end of touring Be The Twilight, when Nathan and I were the only band members who had been there at the start of touring the album. We figured at that time that the right way to make our third album was to do it ourselves so it still felt like a progression from where we’d been before.

With giving the album away for free, was there a particular motive or motivation behind this decision?
Quite honestly, we just felt it had taken too long to bring
it out. We love the record that we’ve made, and we just want people to hear it. We can’t wait another four years to bring out our next album because everything moves quicker than that now.

How does Get Loved differ as an album to those before it? Was the process of writing the album, recording and produc-ing any different?
We made Get Loved in our home studio (mostly),Nathan and i played all of the instruments and produced it our-selves- so it maybe sounds
less band-y than our other records. We also wanted it to sound different to our previous records so we weren’t just repeating ourselves.

So besides the release of a new album and a huge tour with Big Day Out in January, what’s next for Faker?
We are right now working on songs for our fourth album, which we’re going to record after Big Day Out. We’re re-ally excited about how it’s all going as we’re a band again and it really feels like we’re at the beginning of something amazing.

Thanks for your time today and good luck with the new album