Flashback: Dirty South chats with us ahead of Creamfields

Flashback: Dirty South chats with us ahead of Creamfields

Flashback article from a 2012 issue of GCMAG

So in the countdown to Creamfields on the Gold Coast we had a quick catchup with Dragan ie Dirty South

Are you excited to be gearing up to finish off the season at Creamfields on the Gold Coast ….? Yes of  course!  Gold  Coast  is  always  fun,  you  guys know  how  to  have  an  extra  good  time  up  there.

What can crowds expect from your set this year …? Lots of new music coming from my label Phazing. Some of my stuff, and some new tracks i’ve signed from new and exciting artists. I also have a bunch of edits/mashups/bootlegs of my older stuff that people still love to hear.

So we know you have been busy this summer what has been your highlight so far …?

Every show i do seems to be very exciting for me, but

if i had to pick something recent, that would be play- ing at the Playboy Mansion few weeks back. That’s another world over there 🙂

And a cliché question what are your essential must have items at a set …?  And on the road …?

My messenger bag that has my laptop/music/pass-

ports. I need it ALL the time, and thats basically all i ever need if i had to minimise to bare essentials.

So Back in September 2011 …you told Inthemix you were in the middle of building a Studio in Mel bourne … finished now …? Had a chance to use it yet …

Yes the studio is completed now, and its the most amazing place for me right now. I’ve been in there for 2-3 weeks already and i seem to spend most of my time in there. It’s such an amazing and inspiring place

The music industry here in Aus is fast changing what do you think of the direction it’s heading in …?

I think music in Aus and everywhere else equally is getting more ener-

getic. Kids want more and more and more energy in music i think. This goes for electronic music. As far as other types of music, its great to see Adele, Bon Iver and similar artist break through with some amazing mu- sic in the mainstream. I think there is room for great music out there.

And what do you think is the next step needed to take Aus music to the next level …?

Australian music is doing well already, so its just a matter of keeping up

the quality.

So All this touring you have got to have a favourite venue to play ….?

It’s imposible to pick a favourite as there is too many.

And Your Favourite City ….?

To visit, I’m loving New York City and LA right

now. Melbourne is still my main home and will always be my favourite city.

The Logies roll into town with a Star-Studded lineup at the Star Gold Coast