Flashback – Our Local Profile with Jesinta Campbell


[quote]Photo Courtesy of Milestone Photography[/quote]

What are your Goals for the rest of 2011 ….?
At the start of every year I write a list of goals and things that I would like to achieve throughout the year. Winning Miss Universe Australia proved to me that if you set a goal and are willing to work hard to achieve it then anything is possible!! I have lots of long and short term career goals and also personal goals. This year I am focusing on my modelling, presenting and charity work. I would also like to sky dive over Byron Bay and run a half marathon…my list goes on!!

What’s on The Horizon for you at the Moment …? 
After an incredible 12 months my reign as Miss Universe Australia has nearly come to end. It’s a bitter sweet feeling but I am mostly excited to start working on carving out my own career. I have new management and there are a few exciting projects in the pipeline, I am also aligning myself with some great companies and charities that work with the youth of Australia and promote healthy and positive approaches to life. This is where my true passion lies and I can’t wait to get started on some fantastic school and community programs.

Best Memory on the Gold Coast ….?

In the summer our family would pack the car up and head to the beach every Sunday morning. We’d spend the majority of the morning there and when it started to get too hot we would sit on the headland in the shade and have fish and chips for lunch!!

Favourite Place to Have a Bite to Eat When Home on the Gold Coast …? 
Threeworlds Organic Cafe. Cynthia Pisera, the chef, only uses local and organic produce and the desserts are to DIE for!! The food is super healthy and delicious…you walk away feeling nourished!!

What is The Best Thing about the Gold Coast …? 
There are so many great things about the Gold Coast. I really love the laid back atmosphere and the people are all so friendly and carefree and of course the incredible weather 🙂

What is your Favourite Charity …?
I have recently been made a youth ambassador for the Skin and Cancer foundation. Australia has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer within the world and I am passionate about raising awareness and educating people on the risks involved with being out in the sun in an effort to reduce this shocking statistic. I have also started working with a a program which runs throughout secondary schools in Victoria called ‘Just BU.’ Just BU is a preventative program that provides young people with access to “Real Role models with Real stories”. It provides young people with the opportunity to learn skills such as personal belief, goal setting and risk taking and making positive lifestyle choices by having access to successful, but more importantly, “real” role models. http://itsok2justbu.wordpress.com/ http://www.skincancer.asn.au/

And The Cliché Question … If you could meet one Person Dead Or alive Who Would it Be And Why …? 
Um, no brainer – Brad Pitt!! Haha, just having you on 😉 I have been very fortunate to have met some incredible people over the past 12 months but I am going to have to give a cliché answer to a cliché question and say that I would love the opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey. Her vision and the way she lives her life inspires me and to have the chance to meet her in person would be unbelievable.

So All This Jet Setting ….. Must be a Big Fan of Airlines …. ? *Sarcasm Implied*
Oh yeah, HUGE fan. I love getting up really really early and waiting around at the airport for an extra 2 hours because your flight is delayed and then having that flight cancelled ‘Due to technical difficulties.’ Haha. No, All in all I have had a smooth run with my travels, I have never lost my luggage (touch wood) and the staff are always so friendly. I am a regular at Sydney, Melbourne and GC airports and know a few people on first name basis. I am often coming and going between events and have goodie bags with me so I just give the product to the person who is checking me in…Despite what you are thinking, I’ve never had an upgrade!! What is a girl to do…

And on a Related Topic you recently tweeted you always seem to be stopped for the explosive test why do you think this is ….? 

*Shifty Eyes* If I received $1 every time I got stopped I would be a wealthy woman…I must look suspiciously explosive!! Sometimes I get a little grumpy when they stop me (especially when its my 2nd flight for the day) So if I’ve been grumpy and you’ve stopped me for the explosives test I apologise 🙂


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