Flashback – Our Local Profile With Mick Fanning !


Flashback back in 2011 we sat down and had a chat with Local Surfer and Champion Bloke Mick Fanning and discussed the finer points of his life , the gold coast and well all things gc

Are There any kind of special goals you have for the year …?
A Special Goal for me each year when im on tour is to win the world tittle. other than my competitive goals i’m trying to take more time away from competition to spend with family , try new things and visit new places.

Best Memory on the Gold Coast …?
I’ve got a head full of amazing memories on the Gold Coast. The best of them though is probably my wedding day. [wise answer we thought]
Favourite place to have a bite to eat when home …?
IMy Mum;s place, The Fresh Garden Cafe in Coolangatta. i always get the Pure Indulgence juice and make up my own sandwich

What do youthink is the best thing about the Gold Coast …?
The people and the waves of course.

What is Your Favourite Charity …?
There’s a number of charities i think do amazing work. One i have always followed is World Vision , i sponsor a few kids , environmentally i think Sea Shepard is an incredibly active organisation helping to protect the oceans and wildlife

What Motivates You…?
Im naturally competitive and that has always motivated me. in the beginning i was motivated to reach a certain level, now im motivated to stay there

What Profession other than surfing would you like to attempt ..?
I Like cooking so i wouldn’t mind trying my hand as a chef ,,, i hate washing up though [Dont We All ] 

What profeession would you not like to have a go at …?
Probably Plumbing

What was your first Gold Coast Job …?
Surfing. I Got sponsored at a pretty young age and was lucky enough to sign a pretty decent contract with Rip Curl at 16 so i never had to do the paper run.

And the Clich’e Question
If you could meet one person dead or alive , who would that be? and Why?
its a chich’e answer but i think a chat with Mandela would be pretty interesting i read his book “Conversations with myself” and thought it was really inspiring ive been to south africa a bunch of times so id have plenty to talk to him about !

Thanks to Redbull for the Images 🙂