Flashback: Static Revenger Interview

Flashback: Static Revenger Interview

Internationally acclaimed DJ, video director and music producer Static Revenger has just finished rolling out a tour With artist credits on over 3.5 million records sold worldwide, the Los Angeles star most famous for his double platinum hit ‘I Like That’, and writer of Stan Walker’s gold selling hit ‘Light it up’ launched his new single ‘Turn the world on’ featuring electro pop sensation Dev (vocalist behind ‘Like a G6’ and ‘In the Dark’) last month. ‘

Turn the world on’ premiered only weeks ago on perezhilton. com and is already clocking up countless You Tube hits. Having shared the stage with Fatboy Slim, The Basement Jaxx, Beastie Boys, Chemical Bros, Moby, Oakenfold, and the Crystal Method, Static Revenger is the man behind seven #1 billboard chart-topping masterpieces.

Let’s just say his music makes us want to jump up off the couch and hit the clubs! He gives us some insight into the life of Static Revenger (aka Dennis White) – the man, and the artist. First of all, I Love the new song “Turn the World on”! What is it that turns your world on? Thanks! An enthusiastically open mind for great ideas and experiences keeps my world turned on.

Static Revenger? How did this name come about? I really should have a good story for this by now, shouldn’t I?? When I was young, I was walking on the carpet with thick socks and touched a power outlet, and… awww forget it… lol. Truth: 12 years ago, some producer that I admired wrote something that really pissed me off and offended me in the liner notes of his CD- which I had made an effort to actually purchase- and I concocted this notion that I’d produce records under some silly super hero name and sell more records than he did, and… Well… I did.

How would you describe your music style? I go for power, funk, and excitement in the frequencies and a bit of cheek. What I end up with is anyone’s guess

Of all the songs you have produced, do you have a personal favourite? I swear this is not a promo pitch, but the song I have coming after Turn The World On is called Bullet Train, which I’ve been working on for months and months, and I’m still not sick of it. I co wrote it with DJ Rap, who I co-wrote the Stan Walker song ‘Light It Up’ with, and Miss Palmer, who did a great track last year called ‘no beef’ with Aoki and Afrojack

What are you most looking forward to on your Australian tour? The gigs are always a riot, and beyond that, I have a lot of really great friends down here, and the opportunity to see them and work or play with them is always a real blessing

You were in a 90s rock band!? Why the change in music genre? LOL… yes… I was- the very short version of this is that Richard Vission (who I produced I LIKE THAT with, and is a great friend) did a remix of one of my rock band’s songs that became bigger than our vision.
At this time i’d been DJ’ing and had been firmly in the electronic scene, and so when the band sort of fell apart, I just followed the natural path toward electronic dance music.

If you could team up with any artist for your next hit, who would it be and why? Bono or Bowie. Coz they are them… and we’d talk either global politics or art history over an expensive meal- I’d record every word of it and pull something together from that experience. The track would be rubbish, but the night would be EPIC!!! LOL.

What advice would you give other DJ’s hoping to make it in the industry?
Be original, learn music, and find your own voice. What can we expect next? My mom always says that if you want to make god laugh- tell him your plans…so… really- who knows??

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