Forgetting the future with British India

Forgetting the future with British India

“We can’t wait to show it off, we are extremely proud of this one,” he enthused.

Starting out with only five songs, ‘Forgetting The Future’ is now a 10-track album. “It was a bit different this time around; we went into recording with only about five songs fully written. Once we got a bit of a sound happening, we started writing around that.”

Lead single ‘Precious’ is quickly becoming an album favourite. “Precious was one of those songs written while we were recording…it came from a jam that Will and Declan were doing one late night. Apparently, I said to Declan at one point ‘can you stop being so fucking precious’ and I think that’s what kicked us off with that lyric.”

To accompany the single, a new music video has recently been released courtesy of Oh Yeah Wow. Filled with smoke, colours and flames the music video brilliantly portrays the tragic beauty of short-lived bliss.

“I think it’s all those little moments when things are perfect at the time but on the edge of despair, and I think there is a lot of things about that on the album.”

“If everything could stay the same, it would be great but you know we are always on the edge of disaster.”

After completing the first full song, ‘My Love’ British India knew they were making the album they needed to make. Quick to start ‘My Love’ allures you in with its chaotic yet danceable rhythm. A newfound favourite, ‘I Was Looking Back At You To See You Looking Back At Me’ completed with layered guitar tones and nostalgic lyrics will no doubt become a pump-fist anthem.

In support of their recent album, British India is currently on a three-month national tour with 32 dates emplaced across Australia, kicking doors in now !!.

“The songs sound good live, so we are excited to change up the setlist a bit.”

Formed in 2007, the Melbourne four-piece band consists of Declan Melia (vocals and guitar), Will Drummond (bass), Nic Wilson (lead guitar) and Matt O’Gorman (drums).

Declan, Will, Nic and Matt formed British India at the ages of 16. “We were in high school, and there wasn’t much else to do. There was no way of really standing out and meeting girls so we thought we’d start a band and it’s still going.”

British India is renowned for their hard work and dedication. Embodying a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, British India continues to create incredible tunes.

British India took Australia by storm in 2007 with their acclaimed independent debut album ‘Guillotine’. With its success, they won the 2007 AIR Award for Best New Independent Artist.

One year later British India released their second album ‘Thieves’ that earned them an ARIA Award nomination for the single, ‘I Said I’m Sorry’.

Over the last decade, British India has attained four Top 10 Aria Albums, seven entries into the Hottest 100 as well as accumulating over three million Spotify streams on their recent singles ‘Suddenly’ and ‘Wrong Direction’.

When asked if they will take out the Top 10 of the Aria Albums Chart again Nic said, “of course, ‘Forgetting The Future’ will be number one.”

After their national tour, British India plans to hit the ground running. “After the tour, I think we will write another album and just keep it going…we love what we do,” Nic concluded.

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