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From Classic To Contemporary: Veils For Every Bridal Style

A bride’s wedding veil carries centuries of tradition and meaning behind its delicate layers. The history of wedding veils dates back to Rome, where brides used to wear them over their faces to disguise themselves from evil spirits that might stand in their way to happiness. But now, for modern brides, the meaning and symbol of wedding veils have evolved – from being a shield against evil spirits to now being a symbol of modesty, high reverence, and reflection of personal style.  

As brides push wedding boundaries, veils have evolved while still retaining their symbolic bridal magic. Today’s veils come in a spectrum of styles, from massive cathedral trains to flirty flyaway shapes. So, whether you’re planning a black-tie hotel ballroom or barefoot beach bash, there’s a veil to match your bridal style.  

But how do you pick the right one, considering there are so many styles to choose from now? Whether you envision yourself as a vintage bride or have a more modern aesthetic, this guide will take you through the veil options for all bridal styles – from classic to contemporary.  

  1. Vintage flair: Pearl veils  

If Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly are your vintage-style muses, then pearl veils can surely bring that timelessly glamorous feel. Bridal designers today incorporate delicate pearl accents on cathedral, chapel, or fingertip-length veils. You can opt for an all-over pattern, a single strand of pearls along the edges, pearl floral embellishments or 3D clustered pearl details.   

Adding pearls to your veil is a gorgeous way to introduce just a subtle hint of ‘something old’ into your ensemble if you wish. It also connects to pearl jewellery gifts from grandparents or relatives through the generations in your family. For a black-tie affair with lots of sparkle, a pearl veil dotted with crystals makes an even more stunning, luxe statement.   

  1. Timeless elegance: Cathedral and chapel veils  

When it comes to making a gracefully grand entrance, nothing does the trick quite like a cathedral-length veil. At about 108 to 120 inches in length, the cathedral veil lets you channel iconic royal wedding moments as you gaze at your prince charming. Some brides opt for this most formal style as it’s specifically designed for gliding through cavernous cathedrals or palatial ballrooms.  

Meanwhile, the chapel veil offers a similar vintage allure, falling to the waist or below for an elongated silhouette. Easy to manage indoors or out, they’re made from layers of diaphanous tulle that softly frame the face. 

While still dramatic, chapel veils trail more moderately at around 90 inches. That way, you can rock that princess vibe for your fairytale ending without worrying about manoeuvring yards of material all night. If you want to have slightly more mobility, the chapel veil could be for you.  

  1. Simply chic: The shoulder veil  

For brides who epitomise graceful sophistication, the shoulder-length veil radiates effortless beauty. Unfussy yet utterly elegant, shoulder veils let your glam shine through while keeping your look soft around the edges. Falling to just below the shoulders, this style plays up charming hair accessories and earrings peeking through. The versatility of shoulder veils allows them to complement styles from sleek and modern to romantic vintage.  

Shoulder veils also carry a certain lightness that travelling brides will appreciate, whether headed to tropical locales or open-air venues closer to home. About 60% of weddings are held outdoors. So, if you’re one of those who are having an outdoor ceremony, the shoulder veil makes an excellent choice as it won’t get unruly in any breeze or get snag while you navigate grassy fields or sandy paths. You can easily walk and dance even with your veil on and be the carefree bride you want to be.  

  1. Making a statement: The flyaway veil  

Modern brides looking to make an eye-catching statement can consider the flyaway veil. Unlike longer veils that trail behind you, the flyaway only goes to your mid-back for a fun, flirty touch. Two shorter layers in the front will frame your face, then flare out dramatically behind you as you walk or dance.  

The flyaway veil carries a serious wow factor for modern brides who want to put a unique spin on tradition. Its shorter silhouette in front shows off elegant up-dos, glamorous earrings and off-the-shoulder or sweetheart gowns. The flyaway shape also moves gorgeously when you’re celebrating on the dance floor, making it easy for wedding photographers to produce amazing shots. For city chic or non-traditional brides not afraid to stand out, it’s an unforgettable finishing touch.  

  1. Boho beauty: Blusher veils  

Channel your inner woodland fairy princess with the darling blusher veil, which is just one layer of sheer tulle trimmed to graze right below the shoulders. At about 30 inches long, the blusher veil is short and sweet while still holding its own in the romance department.   

Maybe you’re considering wearing flower crowns or loose braids while carrying an organic bouquet. Or maybe you’re planning to wear a simple column dress to showcase handmade artisan jewellery. 

Either way, the blusher veil enhances those delicate details beautifully. It’s sheer enough to showcase the nape of the neck yet provide an irresistible peek-a-boo effect over the face. Overall, particularly for outdoor affairs, blushers feel fanciful without overshadowing the natural surroundings or décor details.

The Perfect Finish   

Whatever your bridal style, don’t underestimate the power of the perfect veil to take your look to the next level. From classic cathedral veils to modern flyaway shapes, embrace the chance to wear this uniquely bridal accessory. It not only completes your overall vision but makes for unforgettable photos and memories to cherish. With so many gorgeous styles, you’re sure to find the ideal veil to complement your gown and theme. So go ahead – give yourself the fairytale ending you’ve always dreamed of!

From Classic To Contemporary: Veils For Every Bridal Style

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