Fun Ideas With Friends When Attending Events

Fun Ideas With Friends When Attending Events

Why is attending events such an essential part of our development? There are multiple answers, but this is the simplest one: we are social creatures, so the need for communication is part of our nature. We need interactions with other people to gather information, feel emotional connections, and increase our emotional intelligence. That is also why we make friends, no matter how introverted we are.

Throughout life, we bond with different types of people depending on our surroundings, age, vision, and attitude towards certain things. Many people can admit that they see their friend group as a little family. Whether they are related by blood or not, every family needs to stick together. Considering this, we have some suggestions for how you and your friends can make any event more memorable. 

Hold a Drink-Making Contest 

Nothing bonds people together like food and drink does. If the event you are attending has a bar an interesting idea would be to hold a drink-making contest. This is more fitting for smaller events, like an anniversary or gathering. The rule is that every person has to make a round of drinks and have everyone take a sip. At the end, when everyone has tasted every drink, the winner will be chosen, and the prize depends on the group. Examples of prizes can be a bottle of liquor, shot glasses, or coupons. 

Wear Matching Personalized Clothing

If you and your friends want to stand out in a crowd and make yourselves the center of attention, a way to do that is to have matching t-shirts or hoodies that highlight your friend group. A way to get customized clothing would be on the internet, on sites such as Printful, where you can upload your design of choice, choose the piece of clothing you want it on and send the request. 

Play Party Bingo

Even if it sounds like an activity for old people, Party Bingo can be a way to make even the most boring event a bit more fun. All you need is your phone. In the notes app or a designated app, you can make a list of things you need to find, events that are most likely to happen, or challenges, like “someone spills a drink,” “sing to someone,” “spot someone with a goatee,” and so on. When you leave the event, gather together and see who crossed the most things off their list and decide the prize for the winner. 

Make a Playlist

Music is the soul of nearly every event. Depending on the event and its theme, the music may differ, making it an excellent opportunity to expand your playlist. A way to share this with your friends is by creating a daily playlist for your friend group so that everyone can add their musical choices. To make things more exciting and turn it into an event activity, you can split up and chat with new people. A fun ice breaker for a conversation is to ask them what song they think represents them or what song they would recommend. This way, you add new songs to your group playlist and make new friends. 

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