G-Flip talking isolation, music & her breakout success


In the midst of a global pandemic, Georgia, or G Flip has developed an obsession in isolation. Confessing, she often finds things to obsess over, “I’ll be obsessed with something different every month.”

G explained her most recent obsession; “Normally it’s more audio gear, or like guitars, you know, something more music-related. But recently in isolation, I became obsessed with slippers, and I’ve bought like five pairs of slippers online”. Like many of us, her isolation diet is somewhat different to normal, “I’ve been eating so much toast!” she giggled before inquiring of me if I prefer, “Smooth or Crunchy?” Obviously crunchy.

With normal life being filled with tours, recording, performing and writing, no one would begrudge G Flip some downtime. While she admits she’s “gotten better at snoozing” being in one place for the past few months, she certainly hasn’t been idle. She’s been performing unreleased music and acoustic versions of current hits for her fans via YouTube.

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